Wedding Update

Man, I should not have said anything about getting back into things. It just made me feel bad yesterday when I didn’t get a post up in time. But now I’ve got a whole bunch of pictures, and, even, a little bit of time to write a few posts as a backlog. What-what!

So, as of Sunday, I can officially say that I’m getting married next month. This is a somewhat bizarre experience. Also, that picture up top is of one of the last crafts I had to do before we head out to California…our cake topper! I’m so happy with how they turned out. Each one is two dollheads and a napkin holder, which is kind of funny. I penciled them first, and then painted them with acrylic.

Unfortunately, our officiant has had to back out, so we’re trying to work out an alternative. The good thing is we’re not panicking yet, and we’ve got plenty of time to find the right person to perform the marriage ceremony.

Otherwise though, progress has been steady, and we’re nearly there. I can’t wait to share that day with all of you!


7 thoughts on “Wedding Update

  1. Ah, so awesome! If we were having cake, I’d totally steal that idea! But we’re having milkshakes, so I need something that floats…

    One month to go is a very exciting timeline! We’re at 5 months and 12 days, and it simultaneously feels like forever and a few seconds. Mostly forever, since I miss the dude something fierce and can’t believe we have to spend our entire engagement apart.

    Are you able to/do you want to have a friend or family member marry you? We’re having the wedding in one state and the reception in another just so we can have someone we love marry us. I’m sure you’ll find someone fantastic, whoever they are.

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