Outfit Post: Mixing Patterns

I’m 90% sure that this is the outfit I came up with when Mia prompted me with mixing patterns. I mean, there are three distinct patterns in it, and considering 90% of my outfits are single pattern, so, yeah! Thanks Mia for the command. :3

Also, hello, intentional sock usage! We’ve talked before with my struggle to use socks rather than just hide them, but I think they were an easy bet here. By being the same hue of green of the top, they just seemed a natural match. Especially, because I’m preeetty sure I wore this because the weather was doing the Chicago-Spring thing(aka: sort of warm but sort of not? And changing halfway through the day.)

Whooops, didn’t realize the white had come off the bricks onto my top until I saw this picture. Classy Tia. I’m not even sure if I took this picture at the beginning or ending of the day. *is a dweeb*

Writing about outfits from weeks back is hard y’all. I need to never take an accidental month-long break again.


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