Outfit Post: 3/26/12

Guys. This outfit. This outfit made me feel so awesome. Something about wearing the purple button down as a jacket just made this outfit feel so perfect.

I got Braden to take pictures of me at Fizz because I assisted him while he took pictures of Tessa just before these pictures were taken. Whose Tessa?

This gal. Her idea for the photoshoot was to start from a really refined look and just dissolve into a mess. It went super well, mostly in that she definitely succeeded at a mess by this point. Please forgive me for putting that face on the net. I couldn’t resist. 😛

Also, those shoes there are my last wedding outfit purchase. They don’t look it in these pictures, but they’re quite purple. And quite comfortable. I just need to suede them so they can be dance shoes.

I’d love to take more crazy dancing pictures like this when I’m at home, but I always feel silly dancing in front of my closet. I don’t even know why it’s easier to dance at someone holding a camera than a camera on a timer, but it just seems to be that way for me. Ah well!

Ah, thugface Tia. You make an unexpected return.


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