Outfit Post: 4/6/12

Polo: Old Navy — Skirt: Goodwill — Tights: SockShop Santa Cruz — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: Goodwill — Earrings: Etsy

I really do love that Fridays are school spirit days at work–it’s fostered my love of orange and encouraged me to add more orange garments to my wardrobe than any one person needs. It makes me feel bright and cheery, especially on days where I could use some cheering.

I wasn’t feeling so great on Friday, I have to admit–I’d just gotten some bad news about a family member’s health–but I find in situations like that, it really helps me to try and do my usual things instead of sitting on the floor and crying. Or, at least, not just sitting on the floor and crying. In any case, I took some pictures because it was a beautiful day that it seemed a shame to waste, and had a quiet thinky-thoughts type evening at home, and felt more philosophical about the whole situation the next day. (And I called said family member to let them know and give them 110% more pom-pom waving than I was able to do on Friday, because really, this isn’t about me, and when does someone need support and positive thinking more than after they’ve gotten a crummy diagnosis?)

So, y’know. Hug your peoples, folks! Or call/text/email your peoples if they’re too far away to hug. And wear your favorite color.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/6/12

  1. This is a. the prettiest skirt, and b. one of my favorite reasons for dressing. To encourage yourself to feel better. Also, I dig your school spirit days and your commitment to them. I have negative school spirit. It is a sad deficiency of mine.

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