Outfit Post: 4/8/12

Dress: Goodwill (Target) — Belt: Thrifted — Shoes: Goodwill (Target) — Necklace: Made by my grandma — Bracelet and rings: Gifts — Earrings: Vendor on campus

Helloooo, Easter outfit! There’s a nice little (well, big) park-with-a-lake that’s less than five minutes’ walk from Mike’s and my house, and yet somehow, in the last nine months that we’ve been living here, we haven’t yet gone there for outfit pictures. This time I put my foot down and insisted (aka whined and grumped until Mike acquiesced and got up offa the couch).

Easter was overcast-but-balmy around these parts, so I took the opportunity to wear a new dress that I picked up at Goodwill on Saturday. Both Goodwill and the park happened to be swarming with other people–the former, due to a $1 bottoms sale I didn’t even know about, and the latter, due to it being a holiday and all. Mike and I did find a patch of grass that was yet bare of another family, though, and I posed away!

I made out pretty well at Goodwill, too; some cute tops for both warm and cold weather, this dress, a pair of ADORABLE sandals, some of the aforementioned $1 bottoms, including a pair of bright orange denim short-shorts. That’s right, y’all, the first pair of short-shorts to enter my wardrobe in my adult life. I’m mostly saving them for cold weather and obnoxious tights-layering action, but I may take them for a spin once while it’s warm.

Then again, I may just live in this dress all summer. It needs some fidgeting to make it work (I need to wear a slip with it, otherwise it clings to my legs too much, but all my existing slips are too dang long) but I love the coral color. Is it orange-pink or pink-orange? Well, either way, it clashes charmingly with my hair, don’t you think?

Oh, also! I forgot to take a close-up of this necklace last time I wore it! Like so much other jewelry in my collection, it was made by my grandma, and is reportedly constructed from sea urchin spines. I presume that she took large spines and rounded off the sharp ends to make them more like beads and less like the most dangerous necklace anyone could ever own. I’m only a little sad about that, really…

9 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/8/12

  1. There are sea urchins with rounded spines like that already, so maybe she got lucky and found those in bead form. And you can get the spikey spines in bead stores, so don’t rule out having a deadly, stabby necklace someday…

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