Outfit Post: 4/6/12

Um, so I’m sure you’re totally not tired hearing about how I got awesome things at the swap. This dress and the sweater are both from the swap.

Look at this tweed guys! Teal, white, lime! It was practically made for me. Well, okay, in reality, Lisette made it for herself. But then she never wore it, so it made it to the swap. And right into my loving arms.

I wore this to my very first Seder. Did you guys know that Seder involves drinking four glasses of wine? And eating many, many things? And reclining? I didn’t. It was, for a religious ceremony, terribly fun. It was also super educational.

We spent a lot of time during the Seder talking about the movie The Prince of Egypt, since it, y’know, tells an approximation of the Exodus story, which is also what the knowledgeable folks among us were doing. I vaguely remember watching the movie before, and I’ve read Exodus in the past, so it was funny trying to recall these vague, half-remembered things.

I hope you all had a great Passover/Easter/Spring Festival last weekend!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/6/12

  1. Mia says:

    The Prince of Egypt! I watched that movie so frequently when I was a kid it’s not even funny. The Hebrew version of “Deliver Us” gives me chills: http://youtu.be/4CzOroYESwI

    Aside from that, the colors you have going on here are awesome–the addition of the scarf in particular.

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