Outfit Post: 4/11/12

Top: Thrifted — Dress: Gift — Tights: Goodwill (Target) — Shoes: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Necklace: Gift from Mexico — Bracelet and hat: Gifts

Hiya! How ya doin’ on this fine Monday? I’m recovering from a very full weekend, but trying to be chipper about it!

I wore a pretty similar color combination to this a few months ago (egad, the lighting is horrific! a thousand pardons for putting you all through that), but I really felt the burn to hit it up again when I thrifted these deadstock tights. The combination of bright teal and bright lime makes me feel a little like I dressed to support a sports team or something–City Name Sports Team, I guess, since I can’t think of a specific team that has these colors. I still like it, anyway.

I partially threw on my good old cloche-ish hat because my hair was just being ridiculously unruly (you wouldn’t think it could at my length, but oh how you would be wrong). But somehow it ended up going really well with everything else, I think! I guess it gave the whole outfit a somewhat vintage-y vibe, although of what particular era, I could not say.

Hmm. I’m not doing too well on specifics today, am I? I guess I’m gettin’ old, guys.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/11/12

  1. i’m pretty sure the team your supporting is the Tiatown Tealgirls. I think this is the most adorable outfit. The cloche really does seal it for me.

  2. I love this top! Along with the cloche, I think it’s a totally rocking 20’s vibe. So Charleston pretty! And you are definitely representing Tiatown with those colors.

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