Outfit Post: 4/11/12

Ok, back on the swap-horde posts. I really did get way too many fun new pieces. The green of this top beckoned to me, but the cold weather we’ve been having lately had sort of put a stop on me figuring out how to wear it.

But then! I figured out that the cold weather could also be an inspiration. So I stuck a navy long sleeve tee under it and called it a success.

I also busted out my new socks that arrived from Sock Dreams. These are just O Basics so they’re not super soft or anything, but they are $6 knee highs that come up over my calves. Pulled all the way up, they go just past the tops of my knees, but I rolled the cuff down to under my knees.

I’ve been doing jeans a lot lately. As opposed to when real winter was abounding and I was courageously wearing skirts all the freaking time, I’m now so insulted by the cold, I think, that I just pull on pants in the morning. Spring. Magical season, I suppose.

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