Wedding Dress Preview!

The other thing that showed up last Wednesday was the second take of my wedding dress. Mom had extra swiss dot fabric from making one of my bridesmaids’ dresses and made a second version with the suggestions about the first take adapted in. As you can see, the dress is definitely a bit more modest(albeit still boobtacular) and there’s a lot more skirt.

Hehehe, so much skirt. This thing twirls like a professional twirly thing.

Now, all you’ve got to do is imagine it in lime, with the sash that I wore before and a bunch of other things you haven’t seen yet, and you’ve conjoured my wedding outfit. Congrats! Or, you could just wait a month, since there’s just one month left. Eep!


17 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Preview!

  1. Mia says:

    And by “one of my bridesmaids” you mean ME. That Swiss dot is the best. The edits look great, I’m looking forward to seeing the final version. (<3 your mom.)

  2. That is totally twirling like a professional twirly thing! And I LOVE that you’re doing a colored dress. LOVE IT. That was my plan, too, until I was ambushed by a very lovely (and astoundingly cheap!) white dress and changed my mind.

    Are you planning on coordinating your hair to your ensemble?

    P.S. In my experience, that gorgeous surplice neckline is the best at being both modest and boobtacular. Always a winning combination!

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