Outfit Post: 4/13/12 + Sock Dreams Review

This is probably my single favorite swap gain. I’ve been looking for a shirt dress for.ev.er. and having no luck what-so-ever with finding one that could fit my boobs, look tailored at the waist, and not also explode at the butt. Enter this dress, another Lisette creation that lingered in her closet and thus got the boot come swap time.

This sucker has pockets. POCKETS. In a dress! In a gorgeous dress in an awesome pattern that fits me well. It’s such a dream. I only wish I had a slightly wider brown belt to wear with it.

I am now even more envious of folks with the skills/materials for sewing. I’m sure a functional sewing machine and time would get me to the point where I could eventually make gorgeous, comfortable dresses like this, but for now, I’m just glad that Lisette didn’t wear it often enough!

I wore this to CodeBLUE on Friday, and it was just the right dress for dancing in. The skirt line is wide enough to not restrict movement, and a couple of safety pins took care of any gaping that would’ve happened between the buttons.

Let me tell you also about these beautiful socks. Along with the O Basics, I ordered these while Sock Dreams was having it’s major sale due to hitting 40k likes on Facebook. Oh these socks. These socks are so soft to the touch that I worry about what will happen when I wash them. They got up and over my 19″ circumference calves like it weren’t no thang and STAYED UP ALL NIGHT. I can not express my excitement about that fact enough. These socks did not budge despite having been on for 14 hours AND through a very active night of lindy hopping for me. I may need to fill my sock drawer with more Soft & Dreamy socks when they have their next sale, because these impressed me beyond belief. I’ll write about them again after washing and we’ll see how they hold up, but I’m optimistic!

4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/13/12 + Sock Dreams Review

  1. Oh, I LOVE the Soft & Dreamies! They’re definitely one of my personal favorites– they have to be touched to be believed!

    The most careful way to wash them would be inside-out, by hand, in cold water– but of course, that can be a hassle, because who has time to gently hand wash stuff, right? I’ve always turned mine inside out and included them in a delicates cycle, and they’ve been fine so far. You can also toss the inside-out socks into a zippered pillowcase for added protection from friction and snags in the wash. 🙂

    Also, lindy hopping? That is so rad. ❤

  2. Mia says:

    Ahh, Sock Dreams loves you! And I love you too. And this outfit is so cute I cain’t hardly staind it. The browns and blues and the way they match the socks! I want Lisette to make me a dress. You know, this person she doesn’t know and has never met and all.

  3. That dress looks like it was made for you. I’ve been meaning to make a shirtwaist dress for a while. Perhaps this is the inspiration I need to get that project moving.

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