Outift Post: 4/17/12

Top: Express — Vest: Goodwill — Skirt: Goodwill (H&M) — Shoes: American Rag Compagnie — Necklace: Grouse & Badger

I cannot for the life of me get this top to look the same color in photographs as in real life. I promise that it is not, in fact, a bright tomato red, but rather extremely hot pink–closer to the color of my hair than it appears.

Pinky swear. Would I lie to you? (Well, maybe. I do enjoy lying. It’s a trait I inherited from my father.)

Do you have any garments that tend to upset the camera? This old post does a much better job of approximating the color, but it still isn’t quite right. And it looks like I was already complaining about the same color problem in this other old post. Siiiiigh.

At least there are still leaves lying around that I can use as stupid props.

Did you have a good weekend, folks? Did you do anything special? I did! I will have a little surprise (yes, that same surprise that I keep going on about) to share with you later this week, and also Tito and I participated in Dewey’s Read-a-Thon and went to my first-ever MLS soccer game. Go Earthquakes!

Between the surprise and the soccer game, our Read-a-Thon participation was not as dedicated as it has been in previous years, but we still had a good time, and we each finished a book! Go wait with bated breath over at Nisaba Be Praised for one or the other of us to post a review, I dare you.

You can totally see that my hair is growing out, as hair does; I, unfortunately, have the burden to bear of significantly darker roots than Tia does, so that tends to be my motive for redying, as opposed to the dye fading too much. I just gotta hold out a couple weeks until Tia’s mom can give me a pre-wedding haircut, and then I’m going purple all the way. Have any of y’all ever used one of Special Effects‘ purple dyes? Purple is actually one of the few colors I’ve never tried, mostly because it’s purported to fade more quickly than any other color, but I’m leaning towards Pimpin Purple for its reddish tones. I could be swayed, though, if anybody has a suggestion!


3 thoughts on “Outift Post: 4/17/12

  1. I used to go to MLS games with The Rocket Scientist, but only because he’d buy me nachos and Dippin’ Dots. And then I’d cheer for the other team, partially to balance out the vibes in the stadium, but mostly to annoy those around me.

    One time, the Colorado Rapids (TRS’s team) was playing the Chicago Fire and I brought a big cowbell to ring and No. One. Got. It. I’m still bummed about that one!

  2. Favorite skirt ever. I love the ruffle detail on this top, too. Particularly around the collar. When I have things that don’t photograph true, I usually try to correct them… and fail. I’ve never had problems with pink, but green often gives me a massive headache. Never seems to look right for me.

  3. The top looks pretty matchy with your hair to me. Maybe we have different monitor calibrations. Who knows which one is the failure?

    Also, my luck with special effects has been the purple called violet. It’s much closer to indigo than a rich purple though. But yeah, it definitely fades fast, but not as fast as green. I still think reds/pinks/blues do the best.

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