Outfit Post: 4/18/12

Top: Goodwill (Target) — Skirt: Gift — Flats: American Rag Compagnie — Belt: Thrifted — Bracelet: Hand-me-down — Necklace: Gift 

This is a fairly basic outfit from last week. I was too tired to come up with something more creative, so I just let matchiness do the work for me. Obviously I haven’t let my pink hair get in the way of wearing “clashing” colors like red; while it’s fun to have the added continuity of having my hair go with whatever else I’m wearing, I cheerfully ignore it as an element when it suits me to do so.

Then again, I’ve also never really been one to worry about my coloring and what hues do or don’t work with my skin tone or natural hair color, so basically I just wear whatever color I wanna and anybody who objects can go suck rocks. (I’m so extremely mature, aren’t I?)

Do you worry about coloring clashes? Do you like the colors that supposedly suit your skin, eyes, and hair? (Fortunately, I love most of the colors that do suit me; I just don’t let it all get in the way of wearing colors that supposedly don’t. I will also unabashedly admit to unconsciously dressing Mike in blue hues 90% of the time when we go shopping for him because they go with his eyes so well.)

T-Shirt: Vendor at the Orpheum in SF — Bike shorts: Walmart (I knowwww) — Running shoes: ???

On a side-note, I thought I would quickly show off some of my exercise clothing. (Although, admittedly, normally I wear an exercise top with a sports bra underneath rather than an old t-shirt; it just so happened that my exercise top was unbearably stinky and I forgot to wash it, so I had to scramble for an alternative.) I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it around here, but I started going to the gym on campus a few weeks ago, after having a small mental war about weight and fitness and body love. The war was won in favor of exercise with many self-reminders that health and weight are two separate things, and that I can strive for better health without also striving to lose weight or focusing on pounds and dress sizes. HAES, everybody! I’ve been going a couple of days a week, usually for 30-4o minutes at a time, and I’m already seeing results in my biking stamina, which is great!

I was a little nervous at first to stroll into the gym in my little bike shorts when it’s mostly populated by already-fit young college kids, but a) I love my body so I will keep fighting not to feel embarrassed about it in public and b) if they’re paying more attention to my bike shorts than to their own workout, then they’re doing something wrong. So my bike shorts and I will keep chugging along on the elliptical and reading or watching whatever they have on the TV. Last time it was Roadhouse, joy of joys–Mike got to watch Ice Loves Coco one night, but thus far I haven’t been so lucky. Maybe I should just stick to my Kindle…


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/18/12

  1. Hooray for the gym! I’ve been going to the gym 5 days a week for several years, and couldn’t give a crap whether I lose weight or go down a size. LOL! The simple fact of the matter is, it’s a nice way for me to work off excess energy, work through my frustrations, and, of course, maintain my overall health. That being said, though, I still sometimes struggle at the gym. I feel like, in general, gyms are popularly seen as the purview of the already fit, and that can make it a difficult place to be when you’re not part of that group. BUT I just remind myself that I enjoy going to the gym, and that if I based all my decisions on the judgments of other people I’d never be able to do anything. Ever. At all.

    Aaaaand… done with my rant/soapbox moment/blah blah comment.

  2. Yes! Red and green done awesomely! I want someone to do red and seafoam. I would, but I don’t have any seafoam. You should do it if you do. I don’t worry about color clashing, but pastels… yeesh. I do fine with pinks, peaches, and yellows, but pale blue and green turn my skin very grey. Zombie grey, in fact. So I avoid them.

    Yay for exercise! The only exercise I’ve been getting lately is walking around New York. It’s common for me to walk two miles to go to dinner, but still. I have to walk more.

  3. For my birthday a couple years ago, my aunt took me to a style consultant that she liked.
    Side note: this is totally not something I would have done, but it was surprisingly insightful, not at all body-bashing, and didn’t contain a bunch of rules about what I was “supposed” to wear. She had some suggestions for things that would be flattering on me but also emphasized that it was about understanding my style preferences as much as anything else. Anyway, part of it was color analysis, and she gave me a little booklet of color swatches that I can take shopping with me if I want to. (I never do, but maybe if I end up buying “business” clothing someday I will. And if my awesome math research results in me having to go on national news to explain how great I am, I’ll probably want really flattering clothing.)

    Turquoise and brick red are two of the colors on the swatches, and I have a ton of clothes in those colors already. I don’t know if I just happen to like the colors, or if I like the colors because they look good on me. I have noticed that I will sometimes buy a garment and not wear it as much as I want to because something about how the color looks on me turns me off. There is a particular shade of purple that especially makes me feel this way. But most yellows are “not flattering” on me (the only one that made my swatch booklet is a light butter yellow, which does look nice on me), and I love yellow, so I wear it a good amount anyway. I think I do feel a little more at ease in flattering colors, so I tend to wear them in situations where I will be nervous or harried.

    Exercise is awesome! Go you for taking care of your body and getting to enjoy some “you” time reading or watching TV or thinking about solving the world’s problems while you do it. Bonus points that it’s helping you with biking, which is even more awesome than regular exercise because you get to go places and not have to park or wait for the bus. I am much more active than I was when I started grad school, and I know I have a ton more stamina for all sorts of activities, but the scale has been on exactly the same number for about 7 years now, and that’s OK.

  4. That is the greatest skirt ever! It looks really cute with the belt. I’m wondering if I would like to tuck in my shirts and belt the skirt, but I think I need some other, fuller skirt options to make that work well. The matchiness of the shirt and the skirt pattern in fabulous.

  5. I love that this skirt did all the color picking for you. How easy! 🙂 I don’t really about clashing between my hair and my outfits. And because I have different views of what constitutes appropriate for freckle-having ladies, I wear lots of black and white despite the effect being “MOAR FRECKLES”. Cause, freckles, YAY!

    I’m so glad you’re exercising lady. It’s super satisfying to feel the effects of getting stronger. Like, during surprise!bachelorette party, arm wrestling happened and I took out both of the girls who were more stereotypically fit looking than me, and was FREAKING CONFUSED until I remembered: oh yeah. I was doing many push ups for a while. And I was doing push ups with more resistance than either of them has easy access to. It was awesome. So keep it up!

    I still struggle with exercising at a gym because it’s too evocative for me of weight-loss ideas rather than health ideas. I’m glad you’re finding ways to move your body!

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