Outfit Post: Double Rainbow

So mom sent me this rainbow argyle sweater in with the last care package, and it’s kind of magical. I also got rained on this day, as made clear by my jeans. A CTA worker commented on how lucky I was to have found shoes and a sweater that matched so well, and I of course bragged about how I made the shoes myself. She was impressed. XD I’m impressed with how the acrylic paint is holding up. Even the cracks don’t really make it look bad, I think. I want to do mooore painted shoes, but it requires both some purchasing power and some time. Which, as end of term approaches, I have less time than I had hoped. I wore this to watch the first Iron Man movie and The Incredible Hulk at Keith’s place. We’re watching all of the movies leading up to the new Avengers flick. I’m excited.

Posts may be sparse as I wrap up the term. Sorry! For example: I wrote this post 8 hours ago, and then never got the chance to upload the post. Ugh.


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Double Rainbow

  1. No ways! I totally have that sweater, too! My adorable grandmother got it for me for Christmas! It currently lives at my parents house so that I don’t have to take any clothes back with me when I fly back for a visit. 😉 We’re twinsies!!!

    • Oh man! That’s the best. My mom waited until it was on off-season clearance and then shipped it out to me. XD I want to see you in it some day!

  2. Eee, I love the rainbow sweater AND that you got a chance to brag about your shoes! Perfect outfit. Good luck with the end of the term: I hope you soon get a chance to take a break and reward yourself for slogging through!

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