Outside In

This is my end of term project for my physical computing class. It took a lot of time and brain power, and I’m even remarkably happy with it, which is why I’m showing it off, even if this is totally the wrong blog for that. But what’evs. Check out my first piece of “art” for a class since 2005. 🙂 (Sound is totally optional by the way: there is no narration or sound effects. There’s just a lovely composition by Zoe Keating. If you need amazing afternoon listening, I recommend living in her soundcloud page for a few hours. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Outside In

  1. Wow! I want to know about the programming behind it, but also know I’ll understand none of it. But it’s super cool – well done!

    P.S. I could totally use one of those today – I’m working in a little dark cave with no windows 😦

    • The whole inspiration for the project came from my life as a cavedweller in the lab. XD Every single time I leave campus, I’m affronted by the weather, because I have no context for it whatsoever.

  2. Mia says:

    I can imagine this being sold on a fancy design site as a trendy new lamp! I want one of these, and I also want the bunny thing. One of each, please.

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