Outfit Post: 4/24/12

Polo shirt: Old Navy — Skirt: Gift (made by Tia’s mom!) — Flats: American Rag Compagnie — Belt and bracelet: Thrifted

Ah, I finally got to wear the pineapple skirt Tia’s mom made for me back in September! It was too cold before, although I suppose in coming years I can practice styling it for non-tropical weather. But it was very appropriate and pleasant on this bright, sunny day, and I felt like the pineappley-est. (And the hibiscusy-est.)

(Excuse my distraction. I was looking at one of those big black bees that you see around here at this time of year…perhaps a Carpenter bee? I know not.)

I know lime green seems like a weird color to choose in combination with the reds and navies of the skirt, but it just popped into my head and I went with it. It works, I think? But I like to shoehorn lime green into many things, so maybe it’s just me.


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/24/12

  1. Dude, lime is totally legit here. Because it’s the accent color in the pineapple. It works. I actually think it’s an awesome choice. You look totally rocking in that skirt. :3

  2. That. That is such a fabulous skirt. Pineapple! I have some tropical hibiscus fabric lying around, waiting for me to get comfortable making dresses, but that pineapple tops all. I am not on the lookout for pineapple!

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