Outfit Post: Tia Fall Down Go Boom Again

I am still mystified about how it happened, but walking to catch the bus last week, I fell and skinned my knee. I was so mad because I felt so boss about this outfit and because I had just finally patched the last pair of jeans I busted. Argh.

No gore on the outside, surprisingly, but geesh. It split in almost a perfectly horizontal line from seam-to-seam on these suckers. You’d think I’d be both too old and too young to be skinning my knees by spontaneously failing to walk.

Other than the part where I’m a clutz, I totally felt awesome in this outfit. Something about taking masculine elements and then femming them up(silk scarf like a tie paired with men’s cut shirt) just makes me feel so cool.

I just feel so natural in outfits like this. It sparks a tiny voice inside that says BUY ALL THE VESTS.

Then my wallet chimes in like buy all the vests? (BECAUSE THIS MEME WILL NEVER DIE).


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