Outfit Post: 5/25/12 (23 of 30)

Dress: Goodwill (Target) — Leggings: Target — Belt: Ross — Camisole: Old Navy — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Bangle: World Market — Necklace: Gift from Katie!

Not gonna lie, dudes, I felt like a Powerpuff Girl in this getup.

Not that that’s a bad thing. I actually made a PPG costume to go with Jessica’s and our friend Eric’s costumes at one of our earliest FanimeCons. But I was Buttercup then, because she’s obviously the best, while this is more of a Blossom getup.

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but the winner of Eurovision 2012: Sweden. I’m not fussed about the song, but I do like Loreen’s dance moves, lift dude, and aggressively-used wind machine. I’ll just continue listening to Italy and grooving.

Okay, okay, and mayyyybe I’ll get a wind machine of my own and pretend I have flowing locks like Loreen’s. Don’t hate! You’d do it too. In these troubled times, flowing locks and a wind machine are something we can all believe in.

30 for 30: 25 (Team Up Edition!)

Mia and I went to a wedding on Saturday! And by went to, I mean I took pictures for hours and hours and hours. And got very tired.

At the very very end of the day, Mike and Braden obliged your two heroines by taking a few pictures.

This dress of Mia’s continues to blow my mind y’all. It’s just so pretty. And it worked out perfectly with her pashmina. Aaah Mia so cute stop that.

Until I saw this picture, I’d been pretty convinced that my head was not a head for floppy hats but I have got to backtrack on that. Why am I so good at hats guys? I don’t even know.

With any luck, we’re now both done with wedding for a while. Yeesh!

Outfit Post: 5/24/12 (22 of 30)

Top: Threadless — Pants: Goodwill — Blazer: Swap (Stoosh) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Necklace: Gift — Kiwi brooch: Gift from Tia!

Oh man, you guys. I don’t know what it is, but I am suffering from total and complete blogger’s block today.

It’s like my brain is just…not…functioning.

Uhhhh. Has anybody been watching good TV lately? Mike and I have been working on Eureka, Arrested Development, and Luther, which probably tells you all you need to know about how much time we spend watching TV. Whatever, TV is great.

Oh, we’ve also been slowly watching Azumanga Daioh whenever we’re in the mood, which is maybe why I’m feeling like such a Bonkler today?

(If you’re at least a little familiar with anime, you probably know Azumanga Daioh, but if not, this should give you the right idea.)

Oh! And this, my new kiwi pin, was an awesome gift from Tia. She gave one to each of her bridespeople, and I think we were all happy with our respective animals. There was a whale, an owl, a sparrow-type generic birdie, and my kiwi. I wore mine at the wedding, and one of Braden’s family members tried to argue with me that kiwis are extinct. I’m not going to laugh, though; recently I discovered that sometime between my childhood and now, someone decided that pandas are, in fact, true bears, which threw me for a bit of a loop. When it’s repeated as fact that pandas are non-bear bears for much of your childhood, you can develop a bit of a mental block to new information regarding that “fact,” so who am I to look askance at someone who is laboring under misinformation about kiwis?

(Hmm. Writer’s block to Azumanga Daioh to panda bears. I really am a true Bonkler.)

30 for 30: 23-24

I am writing this from back home again, despite this outfit being the last of the Yosemite outfits actually. We just never took pictures during our last day there, so I made Braden take them when we got home.

It’s super weird to be almost done with this 30 for 30. I’m so many outfits behind on the site, but I really don’t have much more to do with it, and my entire wardrobe will be open to me again.

I’ve actually told a few people that maybe I should just pare down my wardrobe because I’ve been having a pretty easy time of coming up with variations, and do far more creative things on a limited wardrobe.

Last Friday night, we spent the night in a hotel(the hubby, Mia, Mike and I(and Vesty, but we’ll talk about Vesty probably never) in Sacramento to avoid having to drive into Sac super early for the wedding Mia mentioned yesterday.

It is sometimes strange to me how much spending the night in the same location as Mia is NOT AT ALL like it was a decade ago. Of course, that was a time when we had a notebook specifically for recording the nonsensical shit said throughout the night, and stayed up as late as possible doing any number of things. Nowadays, when we spend the night, we’re both like…fuggit, it’s time to sleep.

Man, mini-uses, where did that energy come from?

Outfit Post: 5/23/12 (21 of 30)

Top: Target — Skirt: eBay (Anthropologie) — Wedges: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Necklace: Gift — Earrings: Giveaway prize from Ki!

Well, whadda ya know, it’s Tuesday, folks, and I’m back to work! The three-day weekend is pretty much a distant memory already. Fortunately for me, the next best thing to a three-day weekend is the four-day workweek that comes after it. (Everybody knows I’m just workin’ for the weekend. *guitar riff*)

Anyway, it was an action-packed weekend and I’m rather glad things will be settling back down to normal, although I will be missing the stupid faces of Tia and Braden as they head back across the country. Their flight should just be taking off as this post goes up, so if you live in the left three-quarters of the US, wave at their plane as they fly on by!

Before we sent them on their way, we had some adventures, such as: yet another wedding on Saturday, with Mike in the groom’s party and T/B photographing everything; a fun trip on Sunday to the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, which used to be my jam when I was a wee tot; and tri-tip and cribbage with Tia’s family last night (with a small aperitif of crushing dry ice in Tia’s dad’s crusherator, more commonly known as Mr. Squish). All of which you’ll be seeing pictures from in the days to come! Lucky, lucky you.

In other news, does anybody else have a hard time photographing jewelry while wearing it? Y’all should see me, crouching awkwardly in front of the camera, angling my head in strange ways to try and get an earring in the frame, if not always in focus. I was determined to show these earrings off this time, because I won them a while back in a Dressing Up for Life giveaway and keep forgetting to take pictures of them. They remind me a little of the star jasmine plants that we had all around at my dad’s house (and at my mom’s house too, actually) when I was growing up–although both houses are long since sold, the smell of star jasmine still makes me feel happy and nostalgic.

If I add in a dragonfly necklace, a fishy skirt, and a top that’s striped like a beach towel, I can close my eyes and pretend I’m eleven years old and hanging out by the swimming pool again, which is how I spent half my summers growing up. The other half were spent inside, in the dark, playing Sim City, but that’s a slightly less charming memory so we’ll talk about it another time.

30 for 30: 21-22 and Honeymoonin’

So I might’ve slacked off a bit due to honeymooning, but I’m back now after a long weekend, and ready to show you all the pants I wore.

Since our honeymoon was off in Yosemite, I pretty much wore jeans + top + chucks. It was perfect weather for this combo, and it made it comfortable to hike about in the valley. There are some gorgeous pictures Braden took on our hike as well as of me sitting about on rocks, but he’s still got to look through and process those.

Married life so far has been really fabulous.


See, another pair of jeans. I wore this for hiking up to Vernal Falls. This is me at the Vernal Falls bridge at the beginning of the day(already 1.5 miles into the hike though).

I’m not sure when it was that Braden told me I needed to sit on this rock for pictures, but hey! Sitting on a rock.

This was taken on the Mist trail, named for the sheer amount of water misting off of Vernal Falls. I was pretty thoroughly soaked by the time we reached the top, but dry twenty minutes later thanks to the warm day.

At the end of our hike, we asked a kind stranger to take our picture together on the bridge again. It was a really nice little escape, before we returned to life as mostly normal, though today is when things get back to real normal, as we head back to Chicago finally. I’m going to try and catch up with 30 for 30 posts in a couple of recap posts, but we’ll see how long that takes.

Outfit Post: 5/22/12 (20 of 30)

Top: Gift — Skirt: Goodwill (Yili Ren) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: World Market — Earrings: Target — Belt: Thrifted

Hey, y’all! Happy Friday, and happy Friday off to all y’all who took a vacation today to create an unbreakable four-day-weekend combo. Don’t worry, I’m not mad! I’ll be doing the same thing in a couple of months, when I take the opportunity to springboard off a midweek 4th of July so as to spend some time with my mom in Washington.

I don’t know if I’ll just be shouting down a well with this, but IS ANYBODY ELSE THE MOST EXCITED FOR THE EUROVISION FINALS TOMORROW?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Eurovision is an annual song contest encompassing much of Europe, where each participating country sends in a song to compete with other countries. Because it’s Europe, this entails lots of emotional ballads and also lots of hilarious/actually quite good Europop, and I LOVE IT. I love the hair, I love the music videos, I love the pageantry of it.

Some of the non-finalists this year include musicians called “Rambo Amadeus” (whose song includes the line “I don’t like snow peas”–ROBBED, I say) and “Trackshittaz,” and the finals include a young Danish woman whose performance costume involves giant fringed epaulettes and a captain’s hat. Just, my heart.

Anyway, I’ve been going back through the finalists to prepare myself for Saturday, and I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to share with you, that you may share in my joy and become Eurovision fans yourselves.

1) Iceland.

Pros: Towering drama, frantic violin, little Icelandic children.
Cons: Jonsi’s face. (Though really, it swings back around to become a pro again.)

2) Italy.

Pros: Backup dancer dudes, “boom boom boom.” Tia, I think you’d especially like this one.
Cons: That red wig.

3) Russia.

Pros: Old Russian grandmas inviting us to come party at their house.
Cons: None. At all.

Okay, dudes and dudettes, you know what to do. (If you don’t, in fact, know what to do, here is what to do: go watch the finalists and tell me what you think. The Eurovision website appears to be down at the time of my writing this, but it’ll come back up at some point. Also, the videos are all on Youtube, so that’s a good alternative.) I’m sure I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday to yammer about whoever wins, so keep it real until then!

Team Outfit Post: 5/21/12 (19 of 30)

[Mia] Top: Goodwill (Forever 21) — Camisole: Old Navy — Shorts: Goodwill (Express) — Sandals: Target — Earrings: Gift

[Tia] I haven’t the faintest idea

So Tia and Braden came over on Monday (after dropping off their wedding paperwork, woo!) and we had ourselves a little barbecue. And we ate and screwed around for pictures and watched Trollhunter, which I dug but which Mike apparently found boring. Whatever, that shit was hilarious, and Norway is gorgeous. (Edit: Oh, yeah, except the Polish stereotype comic relief that made me kind of uncomfortable. C’mon, Norway, you can do better than that.)

It’s good to have friends around to hang out with! I know that sounds dopey, but I don’t really have any friends in this town that I spend time with on a regular basis, so when Tia’s back in Chicago I tend to travel to the Bay Area a lot to do friend-type activities, which is fun but a little exhausting. I think the problem for me is that I never really learned how to make friends as a kid, so most of the friends I do have were gained through happenstance or other friendships, and it sometimes comes as a pleasant surprise to me when I realize that somehow I’ve become friends with another person! I just don’t know how to make that happen on my own.

But anyway, to be fair, all my friends are absolutely fantastic people, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

(Psst–that means you, Tia! And all you guys out there on the internet, too. Youse my buds.)

Except I’m apparently not that good a friend to Tia, otherwise I would have fixed her necklace before taking this picture of her.

And after she went to all this trouble to focus the camera on my earrings! (I have a beast of a time taking pictures of my earrings, so help is always appreciated.)

Anyway, you know, Tia and definitely I bring out the best in each other, I think. And that’s that.

Outfit Posts: 5/17/12, 5/19/12, and 5/20/12 (16, 17, and 18 of 30)

Apologies in advance for my, uh, disheveledness in this picture–Tia took it for me with her phone at approximately midnight the day before (or I guess technically the morning of?) her wedding, and it had been a long and arduous day. I’ll have to reconstruct this outfit at some point with better lighting, because I was extremely proud of the way my earrings almost precisely matched both my hair and my top.

And Tia already posted the pictures from the day after the wedding, so this here’s just a reminder of what I wore. Also, you can see in the last two pictures the sandals I bought at Target! I swapped them into my 30 for 30 pile after my dear brown heeled sandals broke a strap…I really have to look into getting those heels fixed, though, they’re so comfy.

Tank top: The Brown Elephant (Target) — Pants: Goodwill — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Camisole: Ragstock — Pendant: Gift from Katie! — Earrings: Hand-me-down

And then some actual outfit photos! This was just bumming-around-the-house-cleaning-up-after-my-own-messes clothes, but I decided to try and be a little cutesy anyway.

And by “cutesy” I mean “wore as much fruit-related apparel and accessories as possible.” To wit: pineapple sandals, strawberry pendant, watermelon earrings.

Really, if I had added one of my pineapple skirts to the 30 for 30 collection, I would have been nearly fruited out. You’d best believe I’m on the lookout for a citrus-themed top!

30 for 30: 19 of 30

My freshly minted husband helped me take pictures today. He actually helped me fix this outfit, because I started out with it untied.

This dress is just so versatile as a top. I wish I had another one, honestly. It would make me so very happy.

Also, these jeans. THESE JEANS. They don’t fit quite right, except for on my butt.

My little brother got a living room set for free, but doesn’t currently have a house to put it in, so it’s hanging out in my parent’s backyard. I decided I wanted to make the couch famous.

Life slowly gravitates back to normal. We took today off from doing things really and just rested. Watched movies, deposited the wedding money gifts, watched the solar eclipse through the welding masks my dad had. It was a pretty chill day and very nice.