30 for 30: The Teal Strikes Back

It’s time for the second edition of the 30 for 30! This time, I’m pretty sure I counted right, and also, I’m not going to try and do any of those weird metrics I did last time…at least not in the tags. I’ll probably still keep track in an excel spreadsheet or something. Anywho, here are the contenders for wardrobe pieces.

Tops! Working all the yellow into my summer wardrobe. And tunic lengths! Oh boy.

Top layered items! I specifically included the white bolero because I picked it up at Ragstock and have not managed to leave the house wearing it yet. Sort of a use it or lose it thing underneath the 30 for 30.

Bottoms! 3 skirts, a pair of pants, a stand-in pair of jeans(since the pair that’s definitely going to be part of my 30 for 30 was on me at the time) and my swapped shorts.

Mia decided to not count leggings, but because they’re really integral to some outfits, I’m choosing to include mine as part of my number. Also, I added this maxi dress because I need to force myself to wear it more, and not just leave it hanging in the closet for special occasions. Long dress does not imply only for formal occasions.

And shoooes. I included the argyle flats just in case I want to do some color blocking, but I’m guessing the weather is going to dictate sandals and those black shoes.

You’ll notice that there are only 28 items. That’s because I’ve got a skirt in the mail that I’m hoping arrives before I leave, and because I was thinking really hard about the last item. Said last item is probably going to be the green sarong I snagged at a swap, now that I think about it, regardless of how much it feels like cheating.

Anyway, Mia is participating, and Kelsey said she’s in too! We’ll see how on top of blogging about outfits I’ll be, since wedding!!111!! and what not, and since last time we did this challenge, we were on a 7 days a week schedule. Maybe I’ll just post two outfits on Mondays? We’ll see!


4 thoughts on “30 for 30: The Teal Strikes Back

  1. Mia says:

    Aw man, I need to take a picture of my collection today. Not least because I made a list on my computer, but when I got up this morning I had absolutely NO RECOLLECTION of what I’d chosen. I was like, “…clothing…? I can wear…?” Although clumping it together in the closet has helped.

    I have lots of yellow in my collection too! Although (for once) significantly less teal. Lots of orange/pink/yellow, a little blue, a little green. A weird amount of camisoles. (Why did I make the list at 1am??) I did end up counting my leggings, too! For some arbitrary reason.

  2. Yus, sea of teal! This looks like a bunch of fun. Looking forward to some jazzy combinations, lady– and though I don’t think I ever mentioned how awesome that shirt-dress in the top photo is, I am very excited that you decided to include it!

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