Outfit Post: 4/26/12

Top: Goodwill (Heritage 1981) — Jacket: Ross? — Skirt: Thrifted (T) — Tights: Goodwill (Target) — Boots and necklace: Hand-me-downs

True fact: I had to cut the lining out of this skirt to make it fit. And I was, indeed, bound and determined that it would fit, so out the lining came. It was a gross satiny polyester lining anyhow, and I was much happier pairing it with one of my lace-waist half-slips from Target. Cutting out the laundry instructions didn’t even matter because they were all in Chinese!

Just goes to show that a little alteration can go a long way.

But don’t ever let anyone tell you that a little floral can go a long way, because they’re totally lying.

The more floral, the better!

P. S. I will indeed be joining in on the 30 for 30 fun, but I have a few backlogged outfits that need to get posted, so I’ll have to play catch-up in a couple of days. I figured you guys would forgive me.

P. P. S. For bonus points, and because it’s a certain special day today, here’s a mandatory video for you all (half of you probably knew instantly what I was referring to; the other half need to spend 4:22 getting to know Jonathan Coulton a little bit better–but do mind that it’s very NSFW):


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/26/12

  1. I love this. And I’ve never thought about taking the lining out of a skirt to make it fit, but I have one I’m totally going to do that to! If I still have it; I wonder if I gave it back to the thrifting gods. Hmmm. I’ll have to check on that.

    Also, my prom thing? Totally not clear, but I just want to see your guys’ prom pictures. Real prom, fake 80s prom, whatever you’ve got.

  2. Ooooh First of May. Best song ever. Also the signers slightly smug faces.

    I love all the florals. Also, way to go for chopping out the lining and going slip instead.

    Also, I’m totally leaving my extra outfits for after the 30 for 30 funtimes, just because that’s how I do.

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