30 for 30: 2 of 30

Apparently I’m starting off my 30 for 30 by borrowing LIBERALLY from my fellow bloggers. For instance, I totally snagged Katie’s signature scarf/belt combo. I actually loved it with this scarf. Made me feel awesome all day.

Last time I wore this scarf, someone requested a shot of the whole print. So here you go! I dig this one so hard; when I saw it in Ragstock, I knew it would find a home in my closet easily.

I was also back in the classroom today, which meant that I wore wedges. I have this bizarre need to be particularly tall when I’m working with kids. I can’t even explain it.

Apparently this top has a split seam in the back, which I didn’t notice when I swapped it. Ah well, a split seam is a quick fix. Gotta go that and sew a button back on these pants before heading out to California. Ahar.

Guys, don’t leave your sewing for the last minute and then be surprised that you keep having to pin your pants together. That’s my fashion advice today.


7 thoughts on “30 for 30: 2 of 30

  1. This one time when I was a wee little teenage pumpkin, I was helping build a house with Habitat for Humanity, and I crouched down to get paint or something, and the ass seam in my pants ripped. One of my friends kindly offered her hoodie so I wouldn’t be flashing my undies to the world, so I rocked the hoodie-around-the-waist look. 12 years later, she still hasn’t let me live that one down. It was one of the first stories she told Mr. CP when she met him.

    Love the outfit! It’s so very Tia! Limes, and browns, and blues, OH MY!

  2. AWESOME! Love the scarf+belt. Very cool!
    So, one day at work, I went to the restroom to discover that my entire right cheek was exposed. My jeans had a healthy rip right down the back pocket. I don’t even know how I made my way back to my office without exposing my cheek + BRIGHT ORANGE undies, and I don’t know HOW I managed to fix the problem with two safety pins. *sighs*

  3. I totally support extra height that lets you tower above the wee pixie ones. Although, that’s really every day for me…

    The scarf is divine, and you’ve reminded me that it’s been a while since I’ve belted one. To the closet!

  4. inspiredwishjewellery says:

    just found your blog and loving your photo poses, so fun and interesting (makes a nice change!). Loving the teal on you (my fav colour of late). Off to nosey round some more.

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