30 for 30: 3 of 30

I’m not sure if I want to call this a proper dress or a tunic. It’s right above the length I actually feel comfortable wearing sans-leggings,  but it also looks like a fairly decent length. I knew I would have to pair it with these leggings from the get go too. COBALT FROM HEAD TO TOE. Anywho, this was the first time I wore it, and I had to take care of somethings this morning to make that an option.

Those things being the foam cups in this sucker. Because let’s face it: they weren’t going to do anything for my rack. Just…no. A much heavier duty bra is required for any comfort on my end. So I snipped them out this morning before putting it on. Classy!

This was maybe a little more vavavoomy than I’d intended to be. I might try layering it with a lace camisole next time, or wearing it for partying instead of school. Ahar. But I did also finally get some use out of this bolero!

I’m not sure why I was struggling so hard to get it out of the house before, since I think it really completes this outfit. My internal critic is very flighty, I suppose!

And close up of the pattern because I’m just head over heels for it. So fun! Maybe I’ll try this over my yellow tunic? I’ll figure it out. 🙂


6 thoughts on “30 for 30: 3 of 30

  1. OR you could layer a higher necklined cami underneath for work? Then take it off for dancing! This is a fantastic day to night piece, woman. Also I LOVE that shrug. I want it in 5 colors.

    Speaking of colors, you’re really great at them. Happy weekend!

  2. I love Chelsea’s idea for taking it from day to evening.

    And can’t wait to see if over yellow – the print is great and super versatile.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Tia!

    Also, your removal of the breast pads reminds me of myself and shoulder pads; I rip those things out as soon as I get a piece that has them. I do NOT need to be any more broad-shouldered.

    • Oh god. Shoulder pads are my other nemesis. I have a hard time even keeping items with them in it, and thus never rip them out because I never get things with them, no matter how cute. Ugh!

  3. Mia says:

    Girrrrrrrrl. (I know, but girrrrrl.) Those blue leggings are so cool and trendily-colored and you should wear them unto forever. And the bolero is adorable! I like that it’s, like, a cute casual bolero–somewhere that hits the sweet spot between wedding-fancy and beach-coverup. Also wear that unto forever.

    • Mia says:

      Also, hahaha those boob cups. The last bathing suit I bought had those stuffed into the top but not fixed there, and of course they fell out, and one has just been drifting around the bedroom floor for months now. I should do something about that.

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