Outfit Post: 5/1/12 (1 of 30) + 30 for 30 Collection!

Top: Target — Skirt: Goodwill — Camisole: Old Navy — Wedges: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby “Chammy”) — Bangle: World Market — Earrings: Lia Sophia — Necklace: Keychain from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Okay, so I’m a stride or two behind Tia, but my 30 for 30 is off to a running start! Well, a running start with a little stumble, since I didn’t test-drive my very first planned outfit and it turned out to be a lemon. (Am I mixing my metaphors too much yet?)

However, I did a pretty good job this time of picking pieces that mix well together color-wise (oh wow Mia, so clever of you to pick 30 for 30 pieces that ACTUALLY WORK TOGETHER SO CLEVER), so I tagged in my new-ish yellow flutter sleeve top and, I dunno, something something four-wheel-drive. Anyway.

I also debuted a few new things, like the wedges seen above, with which I am pretty much in love and which I wish I had also purchased in pink while they were still $18. Also, I took Mr. Jellyfish here off of a keychain I bought at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and turned him into a necklace, because jellyfish are rad, and I lost the last keychain I had planned to do this with. (Which, dangit! A manta ray necklace would be killer.)

Look! I even managed to coordinate my jewelry successfully. Truly a momentous feat.

By the way, I didn’t want to bother making it a separate post, but here are all my 30 for 30 items together! Five skirts…

…three dresses and a tunic…

…two blazers…

…four pairs of shoes (ugh this is a terrible shot, sorry guys)…

…one pair of capris, one pair of leggings, and two pairs of shorts (one work-appropriate, one not)…

…five tank tops or camis I plan to wear as tops or layering pieces, which were chosen in a fairly arbitrary fashion (and I swear one of those is orange and the other is hot pink–taking these pictures at 9pm was a great idea!), plus a strategically-placed Flat Tire…

…and six shirts or tops, including one that is SUPPOSED to be green but which photographed blue, and also a stand-in on the far right for the black short-sleeved shirt that I can’t seem to find anywhere. Hrm. Maybe it’s camera-shy?


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/1/12 (1 of 30) + 30 for 30 Collection!

  1. Totally adorable outfit! Those wedges are damn amazing. I wish I had epic wedges like that! Also, the jellyfish keychain turned necklace is gorgeous.

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