30 for 30: 4-6 of 30

Hi guys! I figured out how I’m going to do this whole 30 for 30 thing with only 5 days a week of post updates…by making Monday super full of pictures!

I’m really note sure how I feel about these…capris? Shorts? But they are really comfortable, if not particularly stylish, and I feel like that’s an important thing to include in one’s 30 for 30. This is what I wore for my 8am final that ended my term, and to go see the Avengers.

As I told Mia after the movie: it was a lot of fun. I really dug the onscreen chemistry, especially between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Definitely not a Bechedel Test passing flick, but still.

Saturday was a really busy house-bound day. There are friends of ours staying at our place while house-hunting while we’re in California, so we cleaned the apartment quite a bit yesterday. Considering no dishes had been done since mid-March, it was a big ordeal. I only got dressed so we could go grocery shopping. I have a feeling that this jacket is going to be one of the stars of my 30 for 30. It’s pretty much perfect for the weird weather we’ve had this year.

I gotta admit, I look a little dead here. Facebook had the good grace to remind me that the 7th is the anniversary of Jessica’s birth, and it threw me for a moment.

On the other hand, there’s also this picture, with Molly totally creeping in on my outfit pictures, which made me laugh so hard when I pulled the pictures off the camera. Things keep going. Cats keep being silly. It’s all ok, even when it’s not.


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