30 for 30: 7 of 30

Oh man! I got great news today you guys! My poster was accepted into the Microsoft Student Research Competition at the Grace Hopper Conference.

I’m so excited guys. I’ll get to go to Baltimore. I put in my application for a scholarship for the conference, and then I try and get some travel scholarships through my local Women in Comp Sci club. The Grace Hopper Conference is a really interesting conference, in that it’s about women engineers. As opposed to say, the ACM-W’s conference, which is more about surviving being a computer science PhD, Grace Hopper is still about -science- and -networking-. So I get to present my preliminary thesis proposal and get feedback, thank goodness.

Other than my academic success of the day, there’s also this outfit. I felt clever using these vest like this. I twisted the tails around each other, and then tied it behind my back. The motivation for it came from this being my last night of dancing in Chicago, and floating waist belts being pretty much the worst thing for dancing(they just keep rotating around and around and it feels weeeird). But this way I still get some nice waist definition, and my skirt is supported a little better, since it’s just a touch too big to be worn this high.

By the time you guys read this, I’ll either be at the airport or flying to California or maybe even in California. It’s getting precariously close to time to go, and although I’ve decided on what clothes to take, I still need to finish packing all of the wedding stuff.

Oh yes. I’m excited. There are so many good things coming up in my life, and only the excellence of the present is keeping me from impatience.

5 thoughts on “30 for 30: 7 of 30

  1. rubybastille says:

    Woo, congratulations! 😀 Your present is indeed excellent.

    Also that tied-up vesty thing looks amazing.

  2. D says:

    Congratulations, that is indeed wonderful news! And your vest tying is very clever, I’ll have to try that sometime.

  3. Oooooh this outfit is GORGEOUS! And you’re a genius with that tricky/fantastic tying of the vest thingie. Lovely lovely!

    Annnnnd welcome back to Cali from meeeeee! Enjoy everything my dear. And next time you’re back (as I’m sure THIS time will be crazy busy) I’d love to meet up!

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