Outfit Posts: 5/5/12 (4 of 30) and 5/6/12 (5 of 30)

Dress: eBay (Aryeh) — Top: Gift — Belt: Thrifted — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Hat: Target — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Bracelet: GiftSunglasses: Zenni Optical

Hi there, ho there, neighborinos! I’m taking a page out of Tia’s book for the time being, and for the duration of our 30 for 30 I’ll be smushing my weekend outfits together into one post. It makes sense to me, since during the normal course of things I rarely get “dressed” for one day of the weekend, let alone both–fortunately-ish for you guys, I have allllll sorts of interesting things eating up my May weekends, so between the engagements and the 30 for 30 I’ll be forced to wear something other than old band tees and bike shorts all weekend long.

For example: this past Saturday, Mike and I were invited to a good friend’s baby shower, so I got a little gussied up and we hustled on over! And a sunny, windy day it was here in the Central Valley, too; you can’t see them here, but wearing my pinstriped shorts under the dress turned out to be a wise decision, since the shower was at a public park. My virtue was protected and people were not forced to know the intimate knowledge of what my underwear looked like that day.

I’m going to have to keep coming up with creative ways to cover up the top of this sundress–Tia has repeatedly been asking to see the whole thing in all its glory since I first wore it to her and Braden’s wedding shower back in December, and we can’t have that, now can we? Certainly not. All who would vote aye? Unanimous! Then it’s agreed! Tia must never see the top of my dress. This meeting of the Gentle-But-Never-Mean-Spirited-Teasing-of-Tia Club is now adjourned. See you next week, and someone else bring the refreshments.

Tank top: The Brown Elephant (Target) — Camisole: Old Navy — Shorts: Goodwill — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Necklace: Hand-me-down — Bracelets: Thrifted

Where was I? Oh, yeah. On Sunday Mike and I bopped around the local farmer’s market and got some beets, fava beans, and pork on a stick from the Filipino food truck (I do so love my pork on a stick) before Mike took off to spend the day with his friend Jerod, whose wedding he will be a part of very shortly. (Oh, did I mention that another of our friends is getting married nine days after Tia and Braden do? And that Michael has to gets to be in both ceremonies?)

I, meanwhile, took myself grocery shopping, made a tasty pasta salad with fava beans and feta cheese (with orzo subbed in for orechiette because I’m trying to use up the dry goods in the house so I can work on mending my hoarding tendencies…also because orzo is delicious), and prepped chicken and veggies for our first-ever Grillstravaganza with Jerod after they got back from suit-shopping.

Well, maybe you wouldn’t call it a Grillstravaganza since there were only three of us. But I’d never actually used a grill before, so I was excited! My stepdad is Keeper of the Grill in our family, and I don’t know much about technique or anything; when I’m up visiting him and Mom in July, I’ll have to ask him for some pointers. Anyhow, it’s beside the point that I still technically haven’t used a grill, since Mike and Jerod cleaned it up and got it heated while I was inside dealing with the foodstuffs. We grilled, suckas! We grilled asparagus and beets and some slightly lackluster corn and teriyaki chicken, and lo it was good. And I didn’t incur even a single bug bite, so I call that an unqualified success of a weekend. Go team!

Oh, okay, and for bonus points I was terrifically coordinated while taking outfit pictures and snapped my poor glasses in half, but what can you do? (And yes, I tried supergluing them together again. This worked temporarily, but led to me snapping them a second time during a department-wide meeting. Alas and alack.)


2 thoughts on “Outfit Posts: 5/5/12 (4 of 30) and 5/6/12 (5 of 30)

  1. Love the first outfit ~ looks like a terrific outfit for a park gathering. Could you show a close-up of the detail on the shoes sometime during the 30 for 30? They look very cute!

  2. Aggg summer vacation, anyone? It hasn’t been warm enough (or sunny enough, really) to wear any kind of summery hats. I want to steal this dress out of your closet, too. I’m so sad about your green glasses. I loved them!

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