30 for 30: 9 of 30

So, this is that sarong I mentioned adding to my 30 for 30. Lime green! My favorite part is that I apparently picked the perfect for camouflage for standing in front of my parent’s  backyard.

Uh. I’ve also got some revealed bra straps going on here because somehow I completely forgotten to pack a strapless bra. Oh well.

Anyway, the whole reason I added a sarong to my 30 for 30 is because they are basically instant inspiration for outfits. I don’t actually know if I’ve done this exact tie up before, but I basically took the top corners, twisted them once and tied them behind my neck.

Then I tied the bottom edges together so it wouldn’t flap open. Hurray!

I’m going to go see Mia in a little bit and help her dye her hair purple. Yay, purple!

Here’s a little preview of our guestbook that my dad made for us. The whole thing is carved aluminum. I’ll be providing tiny previews for last few days here before the wedding because my entire life is surrounded by wedding things.


8 thoughts on “30 for 30: 9 of 30

  1. Mia says:

    Question: was it all itchy/sweaty around your neck? I love how it looks and wanna try that with a couple of my sarongs, but I wonder if it would just end up bugging me all day.

    • It wasn’t terribly sweaty, but I did have a pretty low-key day. It depends how sensitive your skin is, I think. You could totally try it!

  2. Gorgeous. You look smokin’ hot in this sarong-as-blouse and if you could do a tutorial so I know how to tie this I’d like to copy you. Please and thank you.

    Say hi to Mia for me; I’m jealous that you two get to see each other and I don’t get to see either of you.

    • Some day, we should totes all meet up somewhere for thrifting and tea and cookies and cake and things. 😀

      Oh man, I can totally show you how to tie it. It’s really easy, but I might have to do a video or something because I’m not sure that words + pictures would be enough to clearly explain the things.

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