30 for 30: 11-13

This was one of those sure fire outfits that I wanted to wear from the very beginning. I saved it for my first appearance at Stomp since the winter, and it served me super well for swing dancing.

I was totally dead on about this outfit y’all. It just made me feel awesome, and the vest just made this dress a rockstar.

I wore this Saturday for my second bachelorette party…and I might be excessively proud of this’un. Mia helped me out by taking pictures of both the front and the back.

Because I took the front two corners of this tunic and tied them up behind me like a sort of fake bustle and love-love-loved the result.

Oh…did I forget to mention? I got my hair dyed Friday. 🙂 Hurray! Just…four more days. EEP. And, since ostensibly, there will be posts through Friday, you will probably not even experience a delay in posts. MWAHAHA.


6 thoughts on “30 for 30: 11-13

  1. Vest over dress, FTW! That first outfit, of course, took my breath away. So fantastic! You make me want to try out cropped leggings again…

    I also adore the self-made bustle situation, plus the vintage-y looking shirt dress is something I’d totally wear. Basically you rock all these outfits.

    Also, I went queer country western dancing all weekend, and thought of you! Mostly because they also do swing dancing, east and west coast. I even tried out east coast with a guy who was a fantastic lead (since I have VERY little experience). So fun! Now I wanna learn that TOO!!

    I think one day you need to post a video of you and Braden boogying. Or just send it to me directly… cause I wanna see y’all’s moooooooooves.

    • Cropped leggings are my one true clothing love. I can’t even express how much they mean to me.

      Oooh, queer country western dancing sounds fun! Also, swing dancing is the best and I love it and you will too.

      We should have a video sometime in July, when we do some choreo for our big dance we’re throwing in Chicago. :3

  2. Mia says:

    Raspberry sorbet, I’m telling you! (You should definitely get some of the pics that Mike took of you dancing at Stomp off of Braden’s camera, because, at least on the tiny screen, they looked pretty adorbz.)

    Re: the faux-bustle, I’m going to start calling you Butterfly Butt.

  3. dizneesmurf says:

    Your new hair color is pretty awesome there Tia! I really like that last dress. It’s a simple outfit, but very nice on you 🙂

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