Outfit Post: 5/15/12 (14 of 30)

Blazer: Thrifted — Skirt: Goodwill — Tank top: Thrifted — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: Thrifted — Ring: Gift

Hello, and happy Monday! The wedding went extraordinarily well, as I’m sure Tia has already mentioned, and I’m pretty dang glad we had Saturday and Sunday to recover from the preparatory shenanigans. And to, uh, catch up on housecleaning, which has been severely neglected for the last few millennia in our home.

One particular chore was to stain-treat this skirt, which got a little caught in my bike wheel on the ride to work last Tuesday. You can’t really see them here, but it got a lovely line of black tire marks along the rear hem. I love my bike, but it does not always have my clothing’s best interests at heart.

Then again, what would a garment’s best interests be, anyway? To be hand-washed with tender loving care and hung gently on the drying rack? To be used and used and used until it falls to pieces? I anthropomorphize the inanimate objects in my life on a daily basis (“don’t you fall off the table, grapes! Don’t you do it! If you do, I bear no responsibility because you did it to yourself!”) but I know so little about what my clothes would want if they could want. I guess it’s for the best that they can’t.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/15/12 (14 of 30)

  1. I talk to beans while I’m cooking them. “How are you doing, my little beanie babies?” is what I say to them while I stir the pot and sample one of their kin. It’s a little barbaric if you anthropomorphize too well.

    Yesterday my bike totally devoured a shrug I had in the back basket. It took about twenty minutes to free it, and I had to go home and get some scissors. “Bye, little shrug. It was nice knowing you. I didn’t wear you enough because you were white and I was worried about spilling and sweating on you. Then I fed you to my bike gear and chain. Oops.”

  2. Oh man, speaking of anthropomorphizing things, have you encountered Erin McKean’s The Secret Lives of Dresses? Just little vignettes about the lives of clothing, but many of them make me want to go rock in a corner with sadness.

    I love this outfit. A part of me suspects that this is not very hip of me, because matchy outfits are more accessible and I have Common Tastes? But still, love.

  3. Ohhh no, did you get all the marks out? I don’t bike any more (I think it’s so dangerous in New York, I’d need three Xanax every ride) so I don’t have clothing issues like I did in Japan. The miniskirts were always a problem, along with heels.

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