I won’t have any of the professional pictures yet, but I can share some of the pictures my dad took at the wedding.

If for some reason, you want to see the ceremony from a silly angle, you can check it out here.

It was a beautiful, wonderful day, and while not everything went according to plan, it still went perfectly. The weather was gorgeous. The party was great, the company couldn’t have been better, and the wedding was everything I could have hoped for. It’s funny, because someone asked me if I felt differently today, and the answer was “No, but that had been the plan.”

I’ll share more pictures when The Goodness delivers them( in some 4-6 weeks, testing my patience in the worst of ways). But really, it was a fantastic day, and I’m really grateful for all of the good wishes I received.


13 thoughts on “Wedding’d!

  1. Mia says:

    I’m already impatient to see the professional wedding pictures. Six weeeeeks? But I want them nowwwwwwwww!

    All-around it was a pretty sweet deal, and I’m glad we pulled it off.

  2. Your dress looks absolutely amazing! Best dress ever. I’m thinking something similar for if/when I get married. It looks great, and that sash is perfect!

    Also, congratulations on a happy day!

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