30 for 30: 19 of 30

My freshly minted husband helped me take pictures today. He actually helped me fix this outfit, because I started out with it untied.

This dress is just so versatile as a top. I wish I had another one, honestly. It would make me so very happy.

Also, these jeans. THESE JEANS. They don’t fit quite right, except for on my butt.

My little brother got a living room set for free, but doesn’t currently have a house to put it in, so it’s hanging out in my parent’s backyard. I decided I wanted to make the couch famous.

Life slowly gravitates back to normal. We took today off from doing things really and just rested. Watched movies, deposited the wedding money gifts, watched the solar eclipse through the welding masks my dad had. It was a pretty chill day and very nice.


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