Outfit Posts: 5/17/12, 5/19/12, and 5/20/12 (16, 17, and 18 of 30)

Apologies in advance for my, uh, disheveledness in this picture–Tia took it for me with her phone at approximately midnight the day before (or I guess technically the morning of?) her wedding, and it had been a long and arduous day. I’ll have to reconstruct this outfit at some point with better lighting, because I was extremely proud of the way my earrings almost precisely matched both my hair and my top.

And Tia already posted the pictures from the day after the wedding, so this here’s just a reminder of what I wore. Also, you can see in the last two pictures the sandals I bought at Target! I swapped them into my 30 for 30 pile after my dear brown heeled sandals broke a strap…I really have to look into getting those heels fixed, though, they’re so comfy.

Tank top: The Brown Elephant (Target) — Pants: Goodwill — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Camisole: Ragstock — Pendant: Gift from Katie! — Earrings: Hand-me-down

And then some actual outfit photos! This was just bumming-around-the-house-cleaning-up-after-my-own-messes clothes, but I decided to try and be a little cutesy anyway.

And by “cutesy” I mean “wore as much fruit-related apparel and accessories as possible.” To wit: pineapple sandals, strawberry pendant, watermelon earrings.

Really, if I had added one of my pineapple skirts to the 30 for 30 collection, I would have been nearly fruited out. You’d best believe I’m on the lookout for a citrus-themed top!


2 thoughts on “Outfit Posts: 5/17/12, 5/19/12, and 5/20/12 (16, 17, and 18 of 30)

  1. I’ve had this post open all weekend to remind myself to comment because HOLY SMOKES! I love that fruity outfit so much. The slightly-roomy top looks just so easy breezy and pretty with those fantastically tangerine capris. I, like you, usually go for fitted on top and less so on bottom, but you changed that up here and I adore it.

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