Team Outfit Post: 5/21/12 (19 of 30)

[Mia] Top: Goodwill (Forever 21) — Camisole: Old Navy — Shorts: Goodwill (Express) — Sandals: Target — Earrings: Gift

[Tia] I haven’t the faintest idea

So Tia and Braden came over on Monday (after dropping off their wedding paperwork, woo!) and we had ourselves a little barbecue. And we ate and screwed around for pictures and watched Trollhunter, which I dug but which Mike apparently found boring. Whatever, that shit was hilarious, and Norway is gorgeous. (Edit: Oh, yeah, except the Polish stereotype comic relief that made me kind of uncomfortable. C’mon, Norway, you can do better than that.)

It’s good to have friends around to hang out with! I know that sounds dopey, but I don’t really have any friends in this town that I spend time with on a regular basis, so when Tia’s back in Chicago I tend to travel to the Bay Area a lot to do friend-type activities, which is fun but a little exhausting. I think the problem for me is that I never really learned how to make friends as a kid, so most of the friends I do have were gained through happenstance or other friendships, and it sometimes comes as a pleasant surprise to me when I realize that somehow I’ve become friends with another person! I just don’t know how to make that happen on my own.

But anyway, to be fair, all my friends are absolutely fantastic people, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

(Psst–that means you, Tia! And all you guys out there on the internet, too. Youse my buds.)

Except I’m apparently not that good a friend to Tia, otherwise I would have fixed her necklace before taking this picture of her.

And after she went to all this trouble to focus the camera on my earrings! (I have a beast of a time taking pictures of my earrings, so help is always appreciated.)

Anyway, you know, Tia and definitely I bring out the best in each other, I think. And that’s that.


5 thoughts on “Team Outfit Post: 5/21/12 (19 of 30)

  1. Erin says:

    I totally have the same friend issue. “You’re my friend? Awesome! I have no idea how that happened or how to replicate it!”

  2. Yay friends! I like to do stuff, so I meet lots of people, but it takes me a long time to get from “person whom I like and who has this common interest” to “friend.” There are some people with common interests whom I’d like to get to know better and become friends with, but it seems weird to ask someone out for coffee or something for a “friend date.”

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