Outfit Post: 5/22/12 (20 of 30)

Top: Gift — Skirt: Goodwill (Yili Ren) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: World Market — Earrings: Target — Belt: Thrifted

Hey, y’all! Happy Friday, and happy Friday off to all y’all who took a vacation today to create an unbreakable four-day-weekend combo. Don’t worry, I’m not mad! I’ll be doing the same thing in a couple of months, when I take the opportunity to springboard off a midweek 4th of July so as to spend some time with my mom in Washington.

I don’t know if I’ll just be shouting down a well with this, but IS ANYBODY ELSE THE MOST EXCITED FOR THE EUROVISION FINALS TOMORROW?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Eurovision is an annual song contest encompassing much of Europe, where each participating country sends in a song to compete with other countries. Because it’s Europe, this entails lots of emotional ballads and also lots of hilarious/actually quite good Europop, and I LOVE IT. I love the hair, I love the music videos, I love the pageantry of it.

Some of the non-finalists this year include musicians called “Rambo Amadeus” (whose song includes the line “I don’t like snow peas”–ROBBED, I say) and “Trackshittaz,” and the finals include a young Danish woman whose performance costume involves giant fringed epaulettes and a captain’s hat. Just, my heart.

Anyway, I’ve been going back through the finalists to prepare myself for Saturday, and I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to share with you, that you may share in my joy and become Eurovision fans yourselves.

1) Iceland.

Pros: Towering drama, frantic violin, little Icelandic children.
Cons: Jonsi’s face. (Though really, it swings back around to become a pro again.)

2) Italy.

Pros: Backup dancer dudes, “boom boom boom.” Tia, I think you’d especially like this one.
Cons: That red wig.

3) Russia.

Pros: Old Russian grandmas inviting us to come party at their house.
Cons: None. At all.

Okay, dudes and dudettes, you know what to do. (If you don’t, in fact, know what to do, here is what to do: go watch the finalists and tell me what you think. The Eurovision website appears to be down at the time of my writing this, but it’ll come back up at some point. Also, the videos are all on Youtube, so that’s a good alternative.) I’m sure I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday to yammer about whoever wins, so keep it real until then!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/22/12 (20 of 30)

  1. I am SO EXCITED for Eurovision! I’m even more excited that next year I’ll be in Europe when it happens! Also, the green of that shirt + the blue of your hair = aces.

  2. rubybastille says:

    Oh man, Eurovision, yes! Every year I forget about it, and then every year there’s a little surprise treasure trove of ridiculous music videos!

    They really oughta have their own goth-rock-with-violins contest on the side, though, because northern Europe would OWN that.

    Also, the Italian one = Italian Imelda May.

  3. I HAVE BEEN SO LAX IN MY EUROVISIONING! I will have to go rectify this immediately before the finals so I can be properly upset by whatever crappy song ends up winning.

    (Also, your links above are kind of effed: the Trackshittaz link goes to the Montenegran song, and your Hairpin link says nothing about Danish ladies or finalist.)

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