30 for 30: 21-22 and Honeymoonin’

So I might’ve slacked off a bit due to honeymooning, but I’m back now after a long weekend, and ready to show you all the pants I wore.

Since our honeymoon was off in Yosemite, I pretty much wore jeans + top + chucks. It was perfect weather for this combo, and it made it comfortable to hike about in the valley. There are some gorgeous pictures Braden took on our hike as well as of me sitting about on rocks, but he’s still got to look through and process those.

Married life so far has been really fabulous.


See, another pair of jeans. I wore this for hiking up to Vernal Falls. This is me at the Vernal Falls bridge at the beginning of the day(already 1.5 miles into the hike though).

I’m not sure when it was that Braden told me I needed to sit on this rock for pictures, but hey! Sitting on a rock.

This was taken on the Mist trail, named for the sheer amount of water misting off of Vernal Falls. I was pretty thoroughly soaked by the time we reached the top, but dry twenty minutes later thanks to the warm day.

At the end of our hike, we asked a kind stranger to take our picture together on the bridge again. It was a really nice little escape, before we returned to life as mostly normal, though today is when things get back to real normal, as we head back to Chicago finally. I’m going to try and catch up with 30 for 30 posts in a couple of recap posts, but we’ll see how long that takes.


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