30 for 30: 23-24

I am writing this from back home again, despite this outfit being the last of the Yosemite outfits actually. We just never took pictures during our last day there, so I made Braden take them when we got home.

It’s super weird to be almost done with this 30 for 30. I’m so many outfits behind on the site, but I really don’t have much more to do with it, and my entire wardrobe will be open to me again.

I’ve actually told a few people that maybe I should just pare down my wardrobe because I’ve been having a pretty easy time of coming up with variations, and do far more creative things on a limited wardrobe.

Last Friday night, we spent the night in a hotel(the hubby, Mia, Mike and I(and Vesty, but we’ll talk about Vesty probably never) in Sacramento to avoid having to drive into Sac super early for the wedding Mia mentioned yesterday.

It is sometimes strange to me how much spending the night in the same location as Mia is NOT AT ALL like it was a decade ago. Of course, that was a time when we had a notebook specifically for recording the nonsensical shit said throughout the night, and stayed up as late as possible doing any number of things. Nowadays, when we spend the night, we’re both like…fuggit, it’s time to sleep.

Man, mini-uses, where did that energy come from?


2 thoughts on “30 for 30: 23-24

  1. Mia says:

    Aww. Is it cuz we didn’t cuddle? We coulda cuddled and let the boys spoon.

    I’ve definitely been feeling more creative with my limited wardrobe, but I’ve also been collecting ideas for the outfits I want to wear when I have my whole wardrobe back! I think I can cull out some of the weaker garments, though, which is also good.

  2. Last September I wore at least one thing I had made every day, and it made me so much more creative. It wasn’t quite the constraint that your 30 for 30 is, but I do think the limits helped foster creativity.

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