30 for 30: 26 + 27

So…I’m pretty sure…this is what I wore…somewhere? I only took one picture of it worth saving and frankly I’ve been more concerned about my lack of internet at home(aaah, seriously blogger’s nightmare is returning home from vacay to find the landlord travelling for work and no internets).

Of course, checking out these last pictures from when Mia and I were in the same location helps a bit! Also, my determination to use this skirt finally paid off, seeing as day 27 is the one and only time it makes an appearance in my 30 for 30. It’s cute, it just really only goes with this top.

It’s weird how easy it is to slip back into normal life now that I’m in Chicago. All it means is that Mia and I text more and see each other less. I’m still really glad of this blog for allowing us to virtually hang out even when we’re not all co-located and stuff.

These pictures were from my last day in California by the way. My dad smoked up some…pork shoulder I think and we played cribbage because that’s what my family does and it was pretty fab.

Mia and I also bring out the silly in each other. Braden, of course was there to capture it. And then I made a gif. (Link contains buttshaking).


2 thoughts on “30 for 30: 26 + 27

  1. oooh LOVE the print on that top top, Tia! also, you and Mia look adorable, especially whilst butt-shaking. finally… love that skirt… I be it’d look great with black or what on top too! or, ya know, coral? coral is my favorite.

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