Outfit Post: 5/31/12 (29 of 30)

Button-front: Goodwill (Express) — Skirt: Thrifted (Yili Ren) — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Belt: Thrifted — Necklace, bracelet, and earrings: Gifts

Do you guys like to drive? For that matter, can you drive? Where I live, here in Central California, driving is pretty common, especially since towns are usually separated by 20-30 minutes of farmland at minimum, but I understand that’s not necessarily the case everywhere. (True story: the first time I drove to visit Tito in Berkeley I missed a turn and, before I knew it, I was two towns away without having ever left the main road. That is just way too weird for my valley-oriented mind, where the nearest town where many of my coworkers live is still a 20-minute commute away.)

I try to minimize the amount of driving I do, especially if I can bike or walk somewhere, but I will admit that I rather enjoy doing longish drives by myself. I think it stems from going to university two hours away from home, and especially after Michael and I got together, I was doing that drive just about every other weekend for two years. Any solo drive between one and two hours long is a nice chunk of time to chill, think about things, and listen to music.

I especially miss the music thing now that I don’t travel so much anymore–I can listen to music while doing other things, sure, but there’s nothing quite like driving for it, since (as long as it’s a fairly easy/familiar drive) my brain is just occupied enough by the road that I don’t feel fidgety, but I can also listen without getting drowned out by, say, dishwashing noises or whatever. So I do get kind of excited when I know I’ll be heading out to the Bay Area for the weekend, and I’ll start going through my sizable, eclectic selection of CDs to try and decide what I’ll be jamming to on the way.

Even though I try to cycle through my music pretty evenly, there are certain albums that tend to go in more often than others, such as:

1) Anything by Radiohead, especially Amnesiac or The Bends

2) Illinois – Sufjan Stevens

3) Yes, Virginia – The Dresden Dolls

4) Life in Cartoon Motion – Mika

5) Way to Normal – Ben Folds

6) Guero – Beck

7) Aqualung – Jethro Tull

8) Restaurant – Jumbo

Well, looking at it, I guess that’s not such an eclectic collection after all. I shift between favoring moody, quiet stuff and poppy, high-energy stuff, but I like to sing along to all of it. I don’t have a very good voice, so maybe the fact that I’m usually in the car by myself is for the best.

So yeah, how ’bout you guys? Music? Cars? Driving? Huh? Yeah? Huh? Road trip? I call shotgun.


9 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/31/12 (29 of 30)

  1. I LOVE driving. The movement always calms me down (or, if I’m the passenger, puts me to sleep) and I always do my best thinking when I’m driving. I remember facing many a university essay by hopping into the car late at night and just letting my brain relax until the brilliance arrived.

    I also went to school in Ontario while my parents lived in Boston, so I’m a champion at long-haul driving with minimal pee breaks. I’ll pee when I’m dead!

    My Zumba instructor recently gave me all her Zumba CDs, so lately I’ve been driving around listening to Reggaeton and feeling much more badass than I actually am.

  2. I love road trips! Preferably by myself or with a close friend so we can sing our hearts out. Also, that skirt… oh, I just love it so! Lookin’ great, lady!

  3. I love this skirt! Blouse is super pretty, too. Is it new? Yes road trip! I consider three hours a short trip (how long it takes to my cousins in D.C.) and I like driving it, especially on roads with high speed limits. Of course, it’s better in a car that doesn’t need a lot of repairs. I haven’t been going anywhere lately– must have car fixed!

  4. I cannot drive 😦 but I don’t like roadtrips anyway because I remember them being hot and stuffy and all of us kids would start fighting! In Lyon, I like taking the train for day trips, it is so relaxing to look out at the countryside and just think. 🙂

    I LOVE your necklace!

  5. Your little belt fold/tuck is awesome, sweetie! As is the necklace, which is so very boho that I need to make myself one like that the next night I have free. I don’t drive, but I’m always listening to music. As in, if I’m not talking to someone, watching TV, or in a position where I can’t, I’m listening to music.

  6. Listening to Way to Normal while driving in the midwest always feels very right. We also aaaalways listen to Kalamazoo while driving through Kalamazoo on the way to Pirate Swing each year. We tend to stop there for coffee because it’s conveniently located.

    I enjoy driving now more than I used to, especially when I get to drive in California. Driving in Chicago just makes me angry though.

    Also, I adooore the shape of this skirt so very much.

  7. Ally says:

    Personally, driving and listening to The Postal Service puts my mind and soul at ease. The delightful lilts of their music and voices, the fresh breezes, the sunshine (or the rain), etc. It’s all just a wonderful little combo.

    P.S. – You guys are totally adorabuls!! I’m adding you to my reader.


  8. I like making road trip mixes. One of my favorite playlists was based on music either played in or inspired by episodes of Supernatural, because Dean, of course, has great taste in music, IMHO. Also, a good philosophy: “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

    I drove to Las Vegas last year with one of my best friends, but we did take turns with music. Sometimes though, we just got lost in thought with all the pretty scenery.

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