Outfit Post: Styling Like Chelsea

So I took these pictures some time before my 30 for 30 started, and then immediately started posting 30 for 30 pictures. So I don’t have a clue what day any of these pictures were taken. Classy! Oooh, and scabby knee reveal too.

So I totally rocked it like Chelsea this day. Vest? Check. Knee-length skirt? Check. Boots? Check. Three-quarter sleeves? Double check.

While I never doubted Chelsea’s wisdom, I totally get it now. There’s something magical about skirts and vests together. Especially this skirt, which I’ve been trying to style ever since my mom handed it down to me. This worked well, for sure.

With our non-Spring-Spring here in Chicago, I was constantly challenged to wear layers in different ways. I definitely would not have worn boots with a skirt this length before this year, but it was so critical to have just a small segment of skin touching air for comfort’s sake.



2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Styling Like Chelsea

  1. Dude… I am BEYOND honored by this post. This outfit (obviously) ROCKS my world! I love the red and black combo, and of course I’m quite fond of this combination of pieces. Yay, vests! Also… yay to having segments of skin touching air. Our weather here in SF this week has been slightly chilly, windy, but sunny… and wearing boots with a skirt sans tights keeps me warm but not shvitzy.

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