Outfit Post: 6/10/12

Top: Gift — Skirt: One Mango Tree — Belt: Thrifted (Target) — Scarf: Vendor in Hawaii — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: Gift — Earrings: Gift from Katie!

Hey there, guys! Happy Monday, if it’s Monday where you live! If it’s not, curse you, time travelers! (Spoiler alert: we are all time travelers.)

Did you all have a good weekend? What did you do? I spent my weekend hanging out with Tito in the Bay Area, pettin’ on cats and playing Hatoful Boyfriend, the best dating sim centered around pigeons to ever come out of Japan. I know that’s a bold statement, but I’m sticking by it! At least until they come out with a newer, better pigeon dating game; then my word means nothing.

What’s that, you say? There’s something different about me? I dunno, guys, I feel pretty much the same…

Okay, okay, I’m just foolin’. Tia’s mom gave me a buzz cut on Saturday, and I love it! I feel…awesome? Comfortable and cool for the coming summer months? Pretty? Yeah, all those things. It makes me happy, and so do these great pictures Tito took of me. She’s mighty fine behind a camera, that one.

We also watched the first episode of Twin Peaks, proving that I’m only twenty-two years behind the cultural zeitgeist. Take that, haters! At this rate, it’ll only be four or five more years before I start trying to tell all my friends about this great new show, have you heard of it, it’s called Game of Thrones…?

Anyway, I had been avoiding watching it because, while I like weird and creepy things, I am also an easily-unsettled person, and from what I’ve heard David Lynch is pretty much the master of unsettling. So I was, you know, feeling some trepidation about the whole thing. But I was pretty well amused by the first episode, and maybe even a little bored in spots, so perhaps I, a somewhat-grown woman, can actually handle watching this television series without having to never sleep again. (Seriously, guys, I scare myself just by reading horror movie synopses on Wikipedia. My imagination is a cruel mistress.)

Anyway, tell me about your weekend! I really, truly want to know. (Unless it involves spooky dreams about people talking backwards. Then I really, truly don’t.)


19 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/10/12

  1. I love your hair! LOOOOOOOVE! For health reasons, I’m seriously considering going pixie in the next few months, and your shorn stunning-ness definitely helps to sway me πŸ™‚

  2. Oh! And my weekend… involved seeing a friend’s band play, 80s night at the white horse (tell me you’ve been before) and then two stepping yesterday. plus some errands and kitty cuddling. oh, it was so lovely. is it Friday yet?

  3. Gorgeous lady! The whole buzz cut thing works so well for you! I know you felt some trepidation, but I really think this is what your head is meant to look like. At least for now! ❀

    I spent the weekend a'dancin' which was fun. ❀

  4. D says:

    Hooray buzz cut! You look great. And Oooh the colors in this outfit are wonderful! I love blue and orange together, though I don’t do it much because I live in Denver and don’t want to look like a Broncos fanatic.

    My weekend was pretty awesome, I went on a long motorcycle ride with Husby and some friends through some canyons, with occasional stops to eat or take pictures or check out a hippy town. I also saw Prometheus, which was…unsettling in parts, but I suppose I’m glad I saw it. OH and Indian food! I want it to be weekend again.

  5. Your head is so pretty! And your outfit is very summery and nice too. This weekend was my first weekend in NYC, where I will be living for the summer. (Because I got an awesome fellowship at Scientific American, where I will learn a bit about how science journalism works and get to write/research stories, and maybe make some podcasts!) I got here on Wednesday night and have been exploring my new neighborhood and looking for a bike. I’m having more trouble than I’d like on that front, mostly because I’m very cheap and don’t want to spend much on a bike I’ll only use for nine or ten weeks.
    On Saturday I went up to the Botanical Gardens with my MIL, who lives in the area, and yesterday I spent a long time folk singing, which is one of my hobbies. There is a large community here that sings the kind of folk music I sing, so it’s like having instant friends!

  6. Rebekah Jaunty says:

    You look faaaaaaantastic! Even if I didn’t love buzz cuts, I couldn’t help loving yours. Soooo good.

    And I’m so glad you love it as much as your fans do! I’m always afraid to recommend buzz cuts, for fear someone will loathe theirs.

    Let us other slowpokes know if Twin Peaks is worth seeing. Some of the special effects are very dated now, and that can go a long way toward putting a person at ease.

  7. Also, I love your skirt! I haven’t heard of one mango tree before this but I want one too! How is the quality/fabric of the skirt? Would you recommend it? And how was your experience with the store? And because I cannot see too clearly, how long is the skirt? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Mia says:

      Hi, Ki! I love my skirt too, I just got it a couple of weeks ago. It’s an unlined cotton skirt–the fabric has a slightly rough texture, sort of like broadcloth, but it’s not uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend it; I ordered my skirt on the Friday before a holiday weekend, and it still arrived the next Tuesday, so the shipping is fast! (It would take longer to get to France, of course–I think it shipped from Ohio?)

      But I was happy with everything, and they appear to recently have done a site revamp so that things are more detailed before; when I ordered, they didn’t have sizing information, so I just guessed and bought a Large and it worked out. But now they do have sizing info!

      The skirt is to knee length from where I wore it, which was just above my hips. If I had sized down and it sat more at my waist, it would be maybe an inch or two above the knees. The waist is elastic and it’s got little pockets at the front, and I think it’s a really nice, comfortable skirt (and of course I LOVE the color and pattern) that transitions well between work and weekend. I’d recommend it to anybody, and I’m actually eyeing some of their other garments because I’m so happy with this one!

  8. Yay! Buzz cut is here! And you have a beautifully shaped head, which is such a blessing. I wish I was there to rub your head, I love the feeling of buzz cuts.

  9. I’ve been thinking about buzz cuts lately. I’ve usually kept my hair short, except in certain seasons when I think growing it out would be fun. Then I’m reminded why I keep it short most of the time. My concern with a buzz cut is upkeep: how often will I need to get a haircut? It’s been two months since my last cut, and while it doesn’t look bad, it’s time for another. Perhaps I should just get a new clipper set and make sure to learn how to do it myself. Don’t be surprised if you see me buzzed in the near future!

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