Outfit Post: 6/13/12


Hey y’all! I’m in Madison at the Games, Learning, Society conference right now, which you probably know if you’re following my twitter feed. I’ve been live-tweeting the hell out of the conference, because that’s a thing that I do. I’m thinking about separating out my tweeting between HCI stuff and non-HCI stuff, except I so rarely have things to say about my job except when I’m at conferences. I’m staying with my friend Angie who has a gorgeous mirror that made it super easy for me to take this picture.

What does one wear to an academic conference on games? Just about anything. I was towards the formal end, even with a t-shirt base like this. I tend to try and balance my wacky hair with semi-professional clothing, even though there tends to be no call for it. I love my field, in that people don’t tend to note my hair as anything but a plus.

What do people wear to the major events in your fields? I know we’re sort of weirdos in games work. 😀


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/13/12

  1. Snazzy outfit, but it’s the smile that’s making it for me. Beautiful!

    At museum conferences, I like to always try and wear something “interesting.” Necklace, a scarf, an interestingly cut piece of clothing. The art museum folk always look amazing, and the nat. hist. people like me usually look like frumpy rangers. So, part of my dressing is a non-verbal way of saying “I work with those people, but I’m better at dressing myself.”

  2. Mia says:

    I don’t know what people wear to major events in my field! Probably dull business casual, although I guess I’ll see at APRA in a couple months. I’m probably going to take along what I usually wear–maybe slightly more formal? I don’t think I’d alienate too many people with my usual style…

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