Outfit Post: 6/14/12

Dress: Gift — Blazer: Swap (Stoosh) — Oxfords: Payless — Bracelet: Thrifted — Necklace: Gift from Katie!

Oh, look, it’s the return of Mia’s Green Dress! This dress made a decent showing last summer (partially due to it being one of my 30 for 30 garments), and now it’s back! From outer space! It’s still a little hard to wear because of the strap/boob situation, but this time I made it into a pseudo-racerback with the help of a safety pin, and covered the exposed bra parts with my trusty gray blazer. (I had actually originally intended to wear it with a slightly more masculine vest, but it was Bra City and I just couldn’t. I’ll make it work some other time.)

Anyway, the real star of this outfit is the necklace, another present from the lovely Katie. It’s so big and eye-catching. JUST LIKE ME! (What, Mia? What?)

Hmm, anyway. I have been thinking about my dad a lot recently, for various reasons, and of course it’s now exacerbated by Father’s Day. I know that not everybody has their dad in their life, whether through choice or not, but I hope that everybody has a survivable Father’s Day. And if it’s a good or great one, even better! I’ll have to give Daddio a call and see how he’s doing, and tell him some things I remember from being little, like the big soft rocking chair we would sit together in when I was sad, or how he’d take my brother and me to Fry’s Electronics or WeirdStuff (a used electronics store in Sunnyvale) and show us stuff and let us buy computer games, or how he’d tell me to give myself a break when I was frustrated by my own limitations. (I still am, and he still does.)

Do you have some good Dad Things to talk about? No, really, I want to know! Parent Things are basically my favorite, as evinced by my undying love for Kate Beaton’s momics and dadics.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/14/12

  1. Grah, I’ve been packed under a pile of camping gear in a car for the past 20 hours and thus have not had a moment to tell you that YOUR HAIR. IT IS SO GREAT. And that necklace + that particular lime green dress is the best.

    I get to see my dad soon! He worked a weird shift when I was very little, so he would always call us on his lunch break, which coincided with little-girl bedtime, to say good night. He is a hard dude to get to learn to relate to as an adult, but a good dude nonetheless.

  2. I miss your pink hair 😦 But I’m really attached to pink. I seem to have pink everything these days, except for hair (haha). This necklace is a stunner, and I love this outfit. I’ve always thought grey and green was a winning combination.

  3. Oooh that necklace is gorgeous! And I love the blazer/dress combo. Lookin’ fin, Ms. Mia! And I give shout outs to my mom on Father’s Day since she did most of the upbringing, however I do have fond memories of weekends with Papa… and attribute my love of Indiana Jones and Star Wars to him.

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