Tia and Mia Take a Look and Do It Together: Jane Bennet Edition

So I’m really enjoying  The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an online adaptation of Pride and Prejudice by Hank Green and Bernie Su. So I thought we might give Jane’s lookbook look a one-two, despite Mia and I both feeling that are wardrobes were maybe ill-equipped to deal with this outfit. Loose inspiration has often been the subtitle to T&MTLDIT posts, though, so, there is that! Without further adieu, I turn Mia loose on my outfit of choice. (Which admittedly, is actually three outfit attempts and a decision.)

Well, by “without further ado” Tia actually meant “over a month after the pictures were taken.” ‘Cuz that’s just how we roll. And how else does Tia roll? Indecisively!

Honestly, I think all her attempts are pretty cute, although I might just be hypnotized by her sexxxxay pencil skirt. Tia, why you gotta go and be such a hottie, huh?

Molly is also a good accessory, although I imagine that her presence is somewhat self-directed. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of cat who will happily stay slung across her owner’s shoulders for any amount of time.

Ultimately I think Tia made the right choice, don’t you? The nice fitted top suits this better than the other looser ones, and the silhouette is very balanced (i.e. Tia’s assets are all played up equally and to very good effect). THIS is the way to do black/gray/white, and the addition of the black/white shoes just brings it all together. The inspiration may be loose, but I’m glad that Jane Bennet brought Tia to this outfit!

I’m guessing this detail shot is to show Tia’s painted nails? They look shiny, anyway! (My own nails still have the gel manicure that Becky did for the wedding, except they’ve grown out so much that I did a sloppy paint job with gunmetal polish over the cuticles so my nails didn’t look like they were only 2/3 painted…)

Anyhow, Tia done good. Am I right, or am I right? Yeah, I’m totally right. Either way, now it’s her turn to talk about me and what I wore to the Asparagus Festival back in April!

Mia’s floppy hat. Mia’s. FLOPPY. HAT. Guys, she’s worn this hat to such great effect here. I often brag about being a hat person, but c’mon, this hat and Mia were meant to be. I think it’s the most directly inspired thing in either of our outfits y’all.

Though she also played up the neutrals, with just a touch of color. Why hullo there teal stripes and hot pink hair.

Also, Mia totally looks of another era when this hat joins her for pictures. I just love it love it love it.

So this necklace is super neat. Mia also got me one when she got this one for herself, though mine looks different. But still! Clockwork details are the best.

Aw geesh. Mia is the best, don’t you guys think? Ha, next time -she- has to pick. We’ll see if the next one is soooo loosely based on the original inspiration. Ha!


4 thoughts on “Tia and Mia Take a Look and Do It Together: Jane Bennet Edition

  1. Tia, you look like a total hottie in that outfit. And is that last picture supposed to show your nails? Because if I’m honest, I wasn’t looking at your nails. I’m just sayin’.

    Mia – best. hat. ever. Philomena is mad jealous and wants to wear it.

  2. Tia – oh, that pencil skirt! You rock it… in all the getups.

    And Mia, the hat is indeed ridiculously amazing on you in this ensemble.

    These are my favorite RiS posts. You guys never cease to be adorable.

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