First Annual Blog Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

Heyyyy, guys! Guess what day it is!

…well, no, besides Juneteenth, I mean.

…and besides World Sickle Cell Day.

…AND besides Zoe Saldana’s birthday.

Look, I’ll just tell you, okay? It’s the first anniversary of this here blog! That’s right, fools, Tia and I have been blathering on about our clothes (and ourselves) for a whole year now. Woof! I’m tired just thinking about it.

Anyhow, to celebrate this obviously great achievement of ours, I would like to welcome you to the


(Never mind that “annual” and “anniversary” are redundant and that it’s more of a two-item giveaway than an extravaganza, but bear with me here.)

The first half of the giveaway deals, appropriately, with the first half of our dear little blog’s name: “Reading.”

That’s right, folks and folkettes, you (you!) could win a signed copy of Lucy Knisley’s charming travelogue French Milk,ย which is a convergence of many things I hold dear: indie press, autobiographical comics, travel, and, yeah, food. You can read my review of it here if you haven’t already!

The second half of the giveaway encompasses the second half of our blog’s name: “Skirts.” Well, insofar as “skirts” means “clothing” in this case.

Again, that’s right–you could win this purdy, purdy blue sarong with green and yellow sea life that I bought in Hawaii a long time ago! It is a fraternal triplet with two other sarongs I brought back, one of which you can see in action here. I solemnly swear to give it a good laundering before it gets sent on its merry way. Works marvelously as a scarf, beach cover-up, creatively-tied tube top, as well as a number of other ideas that I’m just not creative to think of right now. The mind boggles!

So here’s the scoop: all you have to do is leave a comment telling us either a) what your favorite travel memory is (bonus points if you mention a favorite travel meal), or b) how you’d dress the sarong up (or down)! You can even do both, if’n you wanna enter for both items. Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PST a week from today–that’s Tuesday, June 26th. The winner will be chosen at random and I’ll announce our two lucky duckies the next day. Get it? Got it? Good!

Now go forth, my little cabbages, and celebrate, for today it is St. Zosimus’ Feast Day Reading in Skirts’ first birthday!

They grow up so fast.


10 thoughts on “First Annual Blog Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

  1. How weird… I am also doing a giveaway today. Blog hivemind… I’ve already read French Milk, otherwise I’d take a stab at it. It’s a really fun read, people! Go for it!

  2. Wait. It’s Zoe Saldana’s birthday? I had no idea.

    I haven’t read the book and do not have a boyfriend/fiancee/husband to tell me I can’t acquire stuff, so sign me up.

    Favorite travel memory: I don’t know that I have one, actually, but I did really enjoy my trip to Charleston, SC a few years back. And they had the BEST food there. I had wasabi-crusted tuna tartar and it was Ahmahzing. For reals.

    I’d wear the sarong as a scarf (of course) with cut-offs and a plain white T (preferably the drummer (see what I did there?)).

  3. Happy happy blog birthday, gorgeous gals! I totally wanna win BOTH prizes. Thus, my entries:

    1. Cher in Las Vegas. Does more need to be said? I can’t remember what I ate… oooh yes, really good tuna tartar! Tartare?

    2. For the sarong dressup, ‘m envisioning a pale yellow tank top, with the sarong tied around my waist like mini skirt, with my kork ease wedges and a big floppy ideally blue/green hat to be all matchy matchy like!

  4. Congrats you two! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favourite travel memory is sipping champagne with my husband on top of the Eiffel Tower! It was romantic and sweet and totally cliched but I will remember it forever.

    I would wear the sarong as a scarf, with a white shirt and my yellow shorts! Fun ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ooo, giveaways ~ my favorite!

    My favorite travel memory involves traveling in Egypt. I had a tour guide all to myself as I was the only person signed up for a tour that was guaranteed to depart. I believe her name was Magda. (My memory is, unfortunately, atrocious) Anyhow, she had mentioned her love of hippos when I first met her in Cairo, and so when I saw one on the cruise portion of my trip I bought her one, a carved hippo, not a real one! After the cruise, I had another day in the city with her and she was delighted when I gave her the little carved wooden hippo. She in turn, bought me a plateful of Turkish Delight. That was something about which I was very curious having read about it in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when I was little. It was every bit as delicious as Edmund made it seem! I still love reading, and haven’t read French Milk so I would love to win that!

    Hmmm, as for the sarong. Not sure how I would wear it, I might actually use it more like a blanket to keep my feetsies warm while reading. The seahorse, shell, starfish design is really cute ๐Ÿ™‚ (My niece can probably attest to my lack of attire-styling skills. I have clothes that are probably as old as she is, and I still wear them. Perhaps there is only room for one really well dressed lady in our family?? In any case, I’m ok with it being Tia!)

  6. rubybastille says:

    Oooh ooh! Happy blogiversary!

    My favorite travel memory is kind of twofold and more of a punchline than anything: on two separate occasions in Europe, I’ve had an elderly German couple ask me for directions.

    Okay, that’s not my FAVORITE-favorite memory, but I think it’s a funny one. Other favorite memories: standing atop the Chatres Cathedral bell tower and seeing the town all laid out, getting engaged at Regent’s Park in London, trying and failing at geocaching late at night in York in January, and having a waitress spontaneously hula during a late-night dinner on our first night in Hawaii last night.

    Oh, and at the Kona airport, I had to demonstrate a drinking fountain for an elderly Japanese man who just kept leaning over the faucet, expecting it to be automatic.

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