Outfit Post: 6/17/12

Tunic: Ross — Jeans: Goodwill (Levi’s) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Earrings: Vendor on campus

Ooh, girl! Work it in front of the Shoe Pavilion, that’s right!

Yeah, so on Sunday Mike and I hied ourselves to San Francisco, partially to do some shopping and partially to escape the unrelenting heat of the Valley. (It was 102 the day before and I spent a lot of time napping in self-defense.) And shop we did! Mike bought some very natty dress shoes at Allen Edmonds, and then we went a-gawking at Barneys–ostensibly to look for a pair of those Naked & Famous pomegranate-dyed jeans, but in reality to look at fashionable people, and also to ogle what had to be simultaneously the ugliest and most expensive pair of shoes that I’ve ever held in my dirty little hands. Good god, y’all. But Nordstrom Rack rekindled my faith in articles of clothing that don’t cost 90% of my paycheck, and I walked on outta there with a new cardigan and a cute pair of ikat shorts.

Somewhere between all that, I also demanded that graciously allowed Mike to take some pictures of me, which we were able to do for about twenty seconds before we had to get out of the way of people actually looking to get on BART instead of just loitering with a camera.

But it was enough! Despite the fact that it rumples easily, I’m fond of this tunic; it’s nice to have some garments that make me break out of my usual fitted-top-full-skirt silhouette, and the yellow and blue makes me so happy.

Of course, we didn’t just go shopping. We also ended up at the Fillmore Street Juneteenth Festival, purely by coincidence, and took the opportunity to enjoy awesome blues music, watch well-dressed people dance, and scarf some food. (Seen above: a truly enormous piece of catfish with garlic fries. Michael got an Italian sausage and some grilled corn, but those were gone before I could take a picture.)

By the time we left for home, fog was descending over the city, and it was actually kind of pleasant to head back into the relative warmth of the Valley evening. I wish I could go to the Bay Area more often (read: I want to live there oh please oh please), but I’m certainly not going to turn up my nose at visits like this.

Speaking of noses…

Heh. Heheheh. Heheheheheheh. Heh.


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/17/12

  1. You are soooo my twin. We have the same colorful belt from Target and I used to own that tunic from Ross. Isn’t that crazy?

    Also, my polka dot skirt wanted me to tell you this joke: Why does Tigger smell funny?

    Because he’s always playing with Pooh.

    My skirt also wanted me to tell you that that joke is not silly, it’s awesome.

  2. I lurve you. That nose picking picture is spectacular. I frequently make people take photos of me doing ridiculous things. There’s a photo of me molesting a public sculpture floating around somewhere. I think whoever has it is holding on to it until that magical day when I officially become Dictatoress Kelsey, and my opponents want to start a smear campaign. I hate dirty politics.

  3. That is a cute tunic. The color looks great on you too! That catfish looked mighty tasty. We don’t get much fresh seafood here. I suppose I could fish one out of the creek, but that would be like eating a pet 😦

  4. That tunic is so fab! It’s so hard to work different silohuettes sometimes, especially ones that evoke times that you’re trying to get away from, but this werrrks. Mike’s shoe expedition was fascinating through Braden for suresies.

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