Outfit Post: 6/23/12

So Braden and I got a huge surprise on the first night of BluesSHOUT! We both made it into the Novice Jack and Jill finals…and got lucky enough to dance together! Braden’s camera was set up on a tripod and got video, so after that renders to something reasonable and gets uploaded to the youTubes, I’ll probably let y’all know about it. It was my first time EVER making it to finals in a Blues Jack & Jill competition, and we GOT SECOND PLACE!

This one is actually when we realized we were partnered together, not when they announced the placings, but this pretty much is also how I felt about getting 2nd. It was so. exciting. And I had so much damn fun! It was a super wonderful way to kick off what turned out to be one of the best dance weekends I’ve had in ages.

Also, I felt very pretty on the first night of Shout! in my custom-made dress and purpleness from head-to-toe. And my pettipants, albeit a bit too long to be covered by this dress while I was in motion, certainly helped me stay cool and uh…covered all night long. There was so MUCH fashion-judging and slut-shaming in any number of conversations  I heard or was invited to participate in. It made me uncomfortable, and I don’t right now have the chops to talk about it in a balanced way…so for now, I’ll just be happy to have gotten to participate, and since no one has posted pictures from the 2nd or 3rd night of Shout!, I’ll go back to regular outfit pictures tomorrow.

The first picture today was taken by Sara Van Vreede, who does -not- have a photography website, while the last two are by Josh Wisely.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/23/12

  1. D says:

    I love these pictures, as well as your head to toe purple! I really like the movement in the first one. Congrats on 2nd place, that is awesome!

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