Outfit Post: 6/27/12

Shirt: Gap Outlet — Camisole: Target — Shorts: Goodwill (Express) — Sandals: Target — Earrings: Tiklari via Fab.com — Bangle: World Market

Recently I’ve been giving in to the temptation to dress more on the “casual” end of “business casual” for work. Part of it is that it’s been stinkin’ hot and I’d rather go basic, even if that means skewing a little casual; the other part is that I’ve just been feeling chronically tired, and my brain has been having trouble with creative dressing, so I am relying more heavily than usual on matchy-matchiness, and even then shorts and a simple top are about all I can come up with. (For the record, I tried going to bed earlier than usual last night, and woke up at 5:50am thanks to a dream that there was an electrical fire and our house burned down. Restful!)

So anyway, that’s what we’ve got going on here. But a coworker said I looked cute and summery, and I haven’t gotten the official Finger Wag of Inappropriate Workwear yet, so I guess I’m fine.

Maybe once I get back from vacation my brain will be a bit recharged and I can get back in the game a bit more. Only four more days! Plus, Michael’s birthday is this weekend, so that’ll be a nice chance to get out of the house and go do something. (The “something” has not yet been 100% decided, but it’s looking like we might go to the Sacramento Zoo. If we do, I’ll be sure to report back on the state of their giraffes.)

In the meantime, I can be pleased that I finally managed to wear these sandals again–basically the entire reason I painted my toenails green was because I thought it would look cute with the pink sandals, and then it took me a week and a half to get around to it. What the heck, self? Get it together. Shikari.

Oh yeah, and I got some new earrings–they were so beautiful on Fab.com that I couldn’t help myself. Also, they are heavy as shit. Possibly only rivaled by these monsters, which were gifted to me by Tito last year. Which means I won’t be able to wear them very often, but still, I do love them so. What’s the biggest pair of earrings you’ve ever worn, if you do in fact wear earrings? (What, is that too niche a question? C’mon, folks, it’s Friday, that’s the best I can do.)


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/27/12

  1. 1.The outfit is cute, right down to your lime green toes.
    2.Those earrings are DA bomb!
    3.I wore my biggest pair of earrings for a classical dance show. They were fake, obnoxiously golden and dangly with big chains that had to be pinned up in my hair. Ick.

  2. dizneesmurf says:

    Happy early birthday to Michael! The lime green on your toesies looks great with the sandals!
    I once was reprimanded for not dressing dressy enough for work. Blech ~ I didn’t make enough money to wear NICEr clothes…hello people! On the bright side, this hasn’t happened again…since I’ve been self-employed 😉
    I wear tiny earrings. The biggest pair I own are some tiny gold and diamond chip hoops. Can’t wear big ones at all…

  3. Holy shit those EARRINGS. They are so spectacular lady! I think I could be convinced to sacrifice ear comfort for a day for those monsters.

    I really like the lace accent underneath that shirt. It definitely work-appropriates it up or something. ❤

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