Outfit Post: 6/28/12

One of the things that puzzles me about(and endears me to) Braden is that when I wake him up to kiss him goodbye in the mornings, sometimes, randomly, he’ll exclaim “you’re pretty!” It’s not every morning, but whenever it happens, he always sounds so delighted and happy.

I’ve been trying to work out exactly what it is that makes this happen. There’s definitely certain outfits he likes better, but damned if I know the connections between them. Mind, I don’t typically dress -for- Braden, but there are certain occasions(birthdays, anniversaries, date nights) that I like to take a shot in the dark and be snazzy according to what he likes. This is only made more difficult by the fact that he doesn’t really articulate what he likes in clothes. Just “you’re pretty.”

Not that I’m complaining that my husband finds me pretty in what seems to be a completely random assortment of clothing! That would be ungrateful, I suppose.

I definitely have also dressed up for Mia in the past, but I don’t know that I know what she likes in my outfits any better than what Braden does. Dressing up for my mom is easy though: something she made, of course. ^~ Do you ever dress up for someone in particular? How do you figure out what to wear for them?


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/28/12

  1. I like to don gifted stuff when I’m around the people who gave them to me! And when I’ve been in relationships do like to dress up for them in clothing/styles they like… on occasion. In general though, I dress up for moi.

    That’s really adorable about the morning “you’re pretty!’ exlamations, btw. Awwwww 🙂

  2. Your fella speaks the truth.

    There are certain things I know The Rocket Scientist likes me in, and I do find myself wearing them more around him. When he and I first started dating, I owned one dress. He kept saying how much he liked me in dresses, and next thing you know I have 16 in my closet and I love them, too. The force is strong with that one.

    I see it as something of a trade-off. I wear things he likes me in, and he wears things I like him in. I never wear anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable in, and he does the same (which is why I still can’t get him in a vest or bowtie. And he’d look so cute dressed like Dr. Who!). Dressing to please one another just becomes another way to show that the other person is special to you.

  3. This outfit looks really nice on you Tia. I like it 🙂
    I don’t really dress up much…at all. I dress because I don’t want to run around naked ~ but sometimes you and Mia inspire me to want to do more!

  4. Becky says:

    Not fair I also like to see you in things I purchased for you! (can’t wait to see the coffee bean dress!

  5. He probably means YOU are pretty. I doubt it has anything to do with your clothes. Though I’m sure he has his favourites. We all do, right?
    I generally just wear what I want, but I don’t mind having someone and their particular likes in mind. I would never BUY something because someone else likes (or would like) it. But I’m happy to wear things I own and like that others like. Babe isn’t particularly fashion conscious. She just throws on tees or tanks with shorts. ALL. the. time. Lol. So I don’t really know how I would dress FOR her. Hmmm…
    Btw, LOVE your outfit!

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