Outfit Post: 7/1/12

It feels like forever since I’ve done a menswear thing! Something about summer makes it really difficult to imagine adding another layer, and casual menswear really doesn’t read menswear in the same way as a vest or a button front do.

If I didn’t love skirts so much, and if I had the money to reshape my wardrobe, I could be so comfortable dressing in menswear inspired outfits forever. I just feel so “me” in them. (Don’t mind my blank stare in this picture, my glasses had something on them, I got it off, and then the timer went. Whoops.)

I’m thinking I might dye these shorts a different color, despite how pleased I am with how this outfit came together. The khaki is just a touch too close to my skin color, and I like a bit more contrast. Besides, khaki is so grown-up. Married I maybe, but as long as I’m a grad student, I am determined to dress like a fashionable non-grown-up-person.

Maybe I’ll dye them green…they would certainly get enough use that way! Oh, and I just scheduled this post for independence day, so happy July 4th Americans! While I may not be a very nationalistic person, I love fireworks, so I know where I’ll be!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/1/12

  1. dizneesmurf says:

    I like the hat with this outfit. I agree with you on the shorts being almost exactly the same color as you ~ that’s pretty awesome though.
    Enjoy the fireworks tonight. The local fireworks here are on hold until Labor Day with the lack of rain…it’s too hot to enjoy anything outdoors anyhow ~ 98 and climbing ~ ugh!

  2. Mia says:

    Oh my god, Tia, I can’t even with this, you are the cutest newsie in existence. I like the neutrals here but you would probs get more use out of them if you dye the shorts. But ahhhhhhh this is the best.

  3. LOVE!
    Yeah, I’d dye the shorts too. I don’t like when my clothes are too close too my complexion either.
    I don’t get to do the boyish looks much either. Both because of wardrobe/$ issues, and the extreme freaking HEAT in this country (Bahamas)! Bleh!

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