Outfit Post: 7/1/12 (Plus Zoo Pictures)

Top: Goodwill (Old Navy) — Skirt: One Mango Tree — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Hat: Target — Necklace: NoMoreRack — Bracelet: Found

On Mike’s birthday, he and I went a-zooing! We drove up to Sacramento to check out the zoo they have there, since neither of us had ever been before. On the whole, I’m a fan of zoos, so long as they’re upkept well (duh) and have the best interests of the animals as their foremost mission (double duh). Fortunately, the Sacramento Zoo seems to check out on both those counts, and we had a jolly old time.

And I took the opportunity to wear this cute-but-too-casual-for-work shoulder-tie tank top that I thrifted a while back. My closet really has a serious deficit of purple for no reason that I can really see (other than that I’m too busy buying all the green and orange and teal stuff I see, which leaves no money for other colors), and I’m slowly trying to remedy that.

I also wore this bracelet, which I found hiding mysteriously in the bottom of a box of memorabilia from Germany and which I definitely never bought or received as a gift. Mike was equally nonplussed, although he mentioned that he might have found it on the ground somewhere and brought it home. Which strikes me as a little un-Mike-like, but I’ll roll with it, because it sure is purdy. (If it ends up being a crucial piece of evidence in a murder case, then we’ll have to have a little talk.)

Oh, yeah, and we saw some animals too or whatever. And Michael rang in his 25th year by feeding una jirafa! This is a major milestone, guys, you don’t even know. He and that giraffe, they had a connection. They had something special. I think, sometime soon, we will hear quiet hooves in the night and then he will be gone.

Mike’s imminent giraffeification aside, we also saw cool creatures like this very noble basilisk…

…this very energetic river otter…

…this very-gorgeous but somehow also very-silly-looking Himalayan monal pheasant (for, as you know, pheasants are world-class masters at being simultaneously beautiful and dopey)…

…this very suspicious flamingo…

…and another giraffe, which I swear on my life was picking his nose with his tongue. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: giraffes are extremely dignified creatures. (It’s why Michael likes them.)


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/1/12 (Plus Zoo Pictures)

  1. If you and Mike find yourselves in CO before Sept, I’ll get you passes to my zoo! We just got new male elephants, and they seem to really like showing off their penises to visitors. It’s like a car accident – you can’t stop looking.

    We’re also very giraffe-ified.

  2. I’m guessing Mike feeding a giraffe probably involved a lot of adorables. Yay for zoos and what they give us opportunity to do! Also, that little river otter is my friend now.

    Your hair is friggin fascinating now lady.

  3. Love the zoo photos! I actually took a vacation for a whole week and just went to zoos in Ohio.
    I had wondered about that “found” designation given to your bracelet. I’ve admired it in past outfits and was curious about HOW it was found. Hopefully it doesn’t have a sinister connection as it is really pretty 🙂

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