Outfit Post: 7/6/12

Hi y’all! I had a super busy weekend, although this outfit was from Friday where I did not leave the house except to take this picture and go grocery shopping after dark because it was so effing hot in Chicago. This is a hand me down skirt from my mom worn as a tunic, plus shorts, plus my-bra-straps-are-cute-and-color-coordinate-so-eff-it. I think I’ve now worn every skirt my mom gave me as a tunic…they all work surprisingly well for that.

But Saturday I went to my first lindy team practice, a baby shower, AND a bachelorette party that had three different segments! And of course, between practice and baby shower, I managed to shower but not take any pictures when I did finally put on clothes that were not sweaty because I was already an hour late for the party. Whoops! Totally overbooked myself Saturday, that’s for sure.

Despite being overbooked, I did manage to have a lot of fun. Lots of running around with lots of ladies, talking about lady things and eating good food doesn’t sound half-bad.

When was the last time you had a ladies night out? Was it wild and crazy all over town, or did you stay in and chat(my night included both of those things!)?


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/6/12

  1. Mia says:

    Your bra straps are the stylin’-ish-est and don’t let nobody tell you elsewise. Makes me want to go get some more colorful bras again! These days all I have are peach and grey.

    I haven’t had a ladies’ night out in a while…probably the last one was either something with you or a book club get-together. I am, however, having some ladies (and probably some dudes too) over at the end of the month to make pizza! Gives me time to make the house presentable, at least.

    Also, this rocks as a tunic and you always look great in red. We’re going to be over a hundred for a couple of days this week, I wish I could stay in the house until nightfall too. 😦

    • At least you’ll be in a frigid office for most of it, right? ;_; Above 100 degree weather is just completely nonsensical to me.

      Oooh, pizza making. I hope it is not too hot on your baking day.

  2. Wow, I LOVE that skirt-as-tunic! You look great.

    My last ladies’ gathering was a book club meeting. I really enjoy my book club meetings…brunch and alcohol and chatter about books! Been awhile since I went dancing or something “out,” alas.

  3. Becky says:

    Loving that skirt as tunic damn why don’t I ever think about wearing skirts at tops. I am so on purpose kind of gal skirts are skirts and tops are tops and never the two shall meet. My last ladies night was your bachelorette! how sad its been 2 monthes. unless you count my mornings at the gym with Kelly or our new tai chi class which is all ladies on Tues and friday ams. A bunch of us cleansing our Chis is quite the site to behold.

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